Top 5 pest Control Services in Surat with Number and Charges

Top 5 Pest Control Surat (100% TRUSTED & VERIFIED)NumberReviewsAddress
Pest Control Point941368649686 ReviewsDirections
Killer Pest Control9024058770210 ReviewsDirections
Mahadev Pest Control830208909024 ReviewsDirections
Ultra Pest Solution797604724484 ReviewsDirections
Asia Pacific Pest Management979972494732 ReviewsDirections
Top 5 Pest Control in Surat and their contact details

We all experience a sense of trepidation at the thought of pests in our home. While some dread the sight of it, for others it is a matter of hygiene.

From residences to commercial spaces everybody faces the nuisance of pests like cockroaches, rodents, termites etc. From spreading diseases to the destruction of property these troublesome creatures can disrupt our lives in many ways, hence, timely eradication and control is of utmost importance.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 5 best pest control services in Surat, compiled based on popular Google reviews. Their timely action and cost-effective services have made them the best in town.

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1. Pest Control Point

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941 368 6496

Contact Details Of Pest Control Point

Reviews: 86 Google reviews 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Pest Control Point

Pest Control Point is a one-stop solution for Pest control, Fumigation, Bird Control, Termite control and also House Keeping Services. They also do sanitization /disinfection services in covid affected areas like isolation houses, hospitals etc. With 25 years of technical expertise, they have certified pest control operators have a valid pest control license and are registered with the government to carry out commercial pest control services. Their comprehensive packages, responsiveness, punctuality and quality of service have provided them with a place on this list.

Services of Pest Control Point

  1. Kill mosquitoes
  2. Exterminator
  3. Termite treatment
  4. Bed bugs treatment
  5. Rodent control
  6. Mosquito control
  7. Pest control services near me
  8. Pest management
  9. Anti termite treatment
  10. Pest control in Ahmedabad also

2. Killer Pest Control

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902 405 8770

Contact Details of Killer Pest Control

Reviews: 210 Google reviews, 4.7 out of 5

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About Killer Pest Control

Based in Salabatpura in Surat, Killer Pest Control have a team of professionally qualified personnel backed by a team of entomologists and pest control experts with more than 5 to 7 years of experience. This company is rated 4.7 by NiceLocal users. They offer all kinds of pest control with good quality chemicals, which is safe and secure for humans, children and pets. Their services are prompt. They also offer customized, economical services and boast the highest number of 4.7 stars on Google.

Services Of Killer Pest Control

  1. Thrips control
  2. Pest control India
  3. Also offers pest control in Chennai
  4. Rat pest control
  5. Exterminating
  6. Termite control services
  7. Bed bugs control
  8. Mealy bug control
  9. Thrips control insecticide

3. Mahadev Pest Control

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830 208 9090

Contact Details of Mahadev Pest Control

Reviews: 24 Google reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Mahadev Pest Control

Founded in 2004, Mahadev Pest Control is recognized in the industry for its Pest Control and Management Services. They provide Pest Control Services in Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune and other cities in India. Their comprehensive plan is both effective and affordable. Their plans include an inspection and preventive service from a highly trained technician each year. If a client has an infestation from a covered pet during the service plan period, a technician will treat the infestation at no additional cost to the client. Their reliable and hassle-free service has earned a lot of satisfied customers.

Services of Mahadev Pest Control

  1. Wasp nest removal
  2. Pest control companies near me
  3. Bed bug exterminator
  4. Bee removal
  5. Fumigation services
  6. Rat exterminator

4. Ultra Pest Solution

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797 604 7244

Contact Details of Ultra Pest Solution

Reviews: 84 Google reviews, 4.6 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Ultra Pest Solution

Established in the year 2011, Ultra Pest Solution is a leading Service Provider of a wide range of pest control and disinfection services. They use safe and highly effective chemicals and are also economical. Their prompt services are appreciated by clients. This company once again boasts of raving appreciation and innumerable 4.6 stars on Google.

Services of Ultra Pest Solution

  1. Best pest control
  2. Organic pest control
  3. Insect control
  4. Termite treatment near me
  5. Ant pest control
  6. Cockroach control
  7. Insecticide for plants
  8. Natural pest control
  9. Best bed bug killer
  10. Get rid of rats
  11. Eco pest control
  12. Bed bug pest control
  13. Also offers pest control in Delhi

5. Asia Pacific Pest Management

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979 972 4947

Contact Details of Asia Pacific Pest Management

Reviews: 32 Google reviews ,4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Asia Pacific Pest Management

Asia Pacific Pest Management, started in 2011, is a government certified company dealing in pest control and bird netting services. They have been providing satisfactory services in Surat, and also offering pest control services in Bangalore other major cities in India. Their clients include various organisations in Healthcare , Restuarants, Retail outlets, Hotels, Hospitals and so on. With nary a single negative review , Asia Pacific Pest Management is a renowned pest control with excellent services in the city of Surat.

Services of Asia Pacific Pest Management

  1. Mosquito treatment
  2. Spider pest control
  3. Honey bee removal near me
  4. Honey bee removal
  5. Mosquito pest control
  6. Professional pest control
  7. Pest services near me
  8. Cockroach treatment
  9. Commercial pest control

Here are the Charges and Costs of Pest Control Services in Surat

The nuisance- pest control business In India has become an INR 25,000 crores, with the top organizations having a piece of the pie of 67%. The nuisance control business in India is probably the most secure variety of things to take care of. 

Bother control measures might proceed as a component of an incorporated vermin of the executive’s technique. Control of these nuisances endeavours through rejection, repugnance, actual expulsion, or compound means. On the other hand, different techniques for organic control can be utilized including disinfection programs. 

The public authority has delivered a standard working system (SoP) for the utilization of robots to splash pesticides on farming harvests, a move invited by industry body CropLife India. 

Delivering the SoP, the horticulture service as of late, utilization of robots in farming has acquired noticeable quality, and a few states are effectively occupied with really looking at the reasonableness of this new innovation in Indian agribusiness. 

The utilization of pesticides utilizing drones has incredible potential as we move towards commercialization and accomplishing accuracy in agrarian harvests.

The elevated use of pesticides through robots will be permitted subject to specific arrangements. For example, administrators should utilize just endorsed pesticides and their plans at supported focus and tallness. 

Administrators need to guarantee washing sterilization and emergency treatment offices and inform the general population about flying use of pesticides at the very least 24 hours ahead of time through capable specialists. Further, the pilots ought to go through specific preparation including facility. 

As the rules for enrollment necessities of pesticides for drone application have additionally been delivered at the same time, the business body asked the agrochemicals business to start the fundamental preliminaries, apply for item enlistment, and team up with drone makers and specialist organizations to serve Indian ranchers. 


Pesticides are synthetic substances that might be utilized to kill organisms, microbes, bugs, plant illnesses, snails, slugs, or weeds among others. 

Insect poisons are a sort of pesticide that is utilized to explicitly target and kill bugs. 

Sorts of bug control strategies 

Actual strategies for bug control.

Synthetic strategies for bug control. 

Social techniques for bother control. 

Organic techniques for bother control. 

Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids 

They are both ordinarily utilized in numerous family pesticides. The explanation is that their harmfulness levels are thought of as gentle contrasted with different synthetics. Their fundamental targets are flying bugs like mosquitoes and houseflies. They can be utilized against insects and cockroaches as well. 

Numerous bugs are most dynamic promptly in the first part of the day and around nightfall, making early morning and afternoon the best times for insect spray application. Bug sprays can have unwanted results in the event that they are applied at some unacceptable time. 

DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) was created as the first of the advanced manufactured bug sprays during the 1940s. It was at first utilized with extraordinary impact to battle jungle fever, typhus, and the other bug-borne human illnesses among both military and regular citizen populace. 

DDT is restricted for horticultural use in India, be that as it may, it keeps on being utilized for fumigation against mosquitoes in a few spots in India, including Hyderabad. 

Chlorpyrifos 20% EC 

This is utilized as a fluid termite repellent. Suitable to its name, Chlorpyrifos 20% EC must be utilized in 1:19 extent wherein one liter of it is blended in with 19 liters of water to make the necessary arrangement.

Rentokil PCI is India’s driving irritation control administrations and items brand that gives coordinated vermin the board answers for property holders and organizations in more than 300 areas in the country. 

Kinds of Pesticides 

Insect sprays – bugs. 

Herbicides – plants. 

Rodenticides – (rodents and mice) 

Bactericides – microscopic organisms. 

Fungicides – growths. 

Larvicides – hatchlings. 

Pest Control Price List in Surat 

Treatment TypePrice Range for 1 BHK (in Rs.)Price Range for 2 BHK (in Rs.)
Essential Treatment800 -10001500 – 2000
Cockroach550 – 7501000 – 1500
Bedbug1000 – 15001100 – 1300
Cockroach and Bedbug1000 – 15001500 – 2000

Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control Services in Surat

Pest control services in Surat are provided by specialist and authorized pest control agencies with the ultimate goal of keeping your home, workplace, and other buildings free of pests. Regardless of the pest species such as cockroaches, bugs, mice, termites, or other bedbugs, you can use pest control tools and protect your home, workplace, godowns or industry from these pests and bugs.

We often receive different types of questions about pest control services, their costs, results, safety measures and much more so I am writing this post to answer frequently asked questions about pest control services in Surat; The idea is to answer your many questions about pest control services and how to fix them without problems.

1. How do I know if there are any pests or pests and if I need help?

It is always best to detect insect attacks early because the depth of the attack will take a long time to eliminate. But how do you know if there are insects and bedbugs? The answer is very simple by looking at everything.

Fortunately, there are some insects that you can easily find like cockroaches, lizards, mice etc. But there are other insects, such as termites or bedbugs that cannot be easily detected. But if you pay attention, you can easily find the mark of these insects.

As long as you have doubts about insects, you should check the environment properly and look for signs. So, when you see small red dots on your bed sheet, you should look around and see if there are any bedbugs? Similarly, if you notice a powdery brown powder near your furniture, you should check for termites.

Alternatively, you can call the appropriate pest control agency to investigate and if there are any pests and bugs, it can detect and recommend treatment. Usually, pest control agencies do not charge for testing, and if there are pests, they can provide pest control services and help you get rid of them easily.

2. What are the fees for pest control services in India?

The prices and costs of pest control services usually depend on the type of treatment offered, the severity of the attack and the overall affected area. For example, standard insecticide control service estimates for bedbug treatment start from Rs. 700 and may increase to Rs. 3000 to treat bed bugs. Treating bed bugs with spray may start at Rs. 1000 per spray up to Rs. 2500 3 times the spray. Similarly, cockroach treatment starts at Rs. 600 and up to Rs. 1050 or more depending on location.

If you would like to know the exact cost of pest control services in your home or office, you would like to tell us your need and get free rates within minutes.

3. How do I find and employ the best pest control experts?

One of the best ways is to ask your friends and colleagues for expert pesticide guidance, otherwise you can use “ABCXYZ” to get the best deals from pest control agencies available in your city. Whether you are renting by reference, or searching for the best online pesticides, just make sure you check everything in advance, from licenses to hidden payments.

4. Do I need to fix any pest control professionally?

Yes. You should prepare a little before the pest control expert arrives in your area, but these preparations are usually easy to make. Some basic arrangements can be collated below.
1. Cover food and drinking water in the kitchen and dining tables
2. Remove clutter and remove from the area where pest control will be done so that the pesticide can do its job easily.
3. Clear all areas that need treatment.
4. In addition to these basic arrangements, depending on the type of pest control you have requested, you may need to make a few additional arrangements as advised by pest control experts. It is also a good idea to check with them, if any special adjustments may be required.

5. Do I need to clean my house after pest control?

You usually do not have to clean your house after pest control but depending on the type of treatment and the chemicals used, your pest control agency should tell you if there is a need to clean anything in your house. But you may need to clean your house thoroughly to remove any odor treatment.

6. Do we need to leave home during treatment?

Generally, it is not necessary unless you are allergic or sensitive to certain chemicals or chemicals. Even though the chemicals or spray sprays used to control pests are generally not harmful to humans, some of us would not like to be there and choose to stay out until the end of pest control treatment. But if one of your family members has Asthma or other respiratory problems, it is best to stay out for a few hours.

7. Do I need to keep pets away?

It is difficult to predict how your pet will react to treatment. For example, if you have an angry Dog, he may interrupt your work or try to lick the spray. If it is very aggressive, it may try to attack pest control experts and it may be a good idea to keep it away for a few hours until the treatment is complete, and the chemicals are well established.

8. Do I still see insects in my house after treatment?

No matter how deep the treatment, some of the insects will die quickly and some may hide or run away. But eventually all the insects have to die but it can take a day or two. But with each passing hour, you will see a decrease in the number of insects and eventually die.

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