Who Are Top Pest control Companies in Ahmedabad of 2024

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Top 3 list of 2024

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Top 3 Pest Control Companies in Ahmedabad of 2024

Best pest control companies in Ahmedabad are listed here with required details such as name, number, address etc. 

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1. Ridhi Pest Control

Ridhi Pest control is one of the best pest control company in Dwarka Delhi with best rate and best services. i highly recommend.
Reena Sareen

2. Pest Control Ahmedabad

You offered me lowest rate from the market and your products were organic.
Govind Sharma

3. Best Pest Control

Best pest control offered me termite treatment in Dwarka Delhi in 3000 in spite of 5000, others were asking me for 5000.
Piyush Chatterjee

Top 5 Pest Control Companies in Ahmedabad of 2024

Best pest control companies in Ahmedabad are listed here with required details such as name, number, address etc. 


1. ZEEL Pest Control

Contact Details Of ZEEL Pest Control:

Reviews: 330 Google reviews, 4.9 out of 5 Address: Get Directions

About ZEEL Pest Control:

They have a team of knowledgeable experts assisting the operational processes, and their company is also well-funded by skilled industry professionals that assist them in delivering eco-friendly as well as highly efficient services that are in line with client expectations. Furthermore, their staff has acquired expertise in monitoring pest entry and removal to prevent pest infestation throughout the state. Today, with their exceptional quality services becoming increasingly popular in both residential and commercial sectors, they are successfully able to contribute to providing a safe and healthful environment for living with optimum hygiene and safety. Furthermore, the cost competitiveness of their solutions has made them one of the most popular service providers to work with.

Services of ZEEL Pest Control:

Bee pest control Mosquito infestation Scorpion pest control Pest Control in Jaipur Cockroach pest control Termite insecticide

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2. Vijay Pest Control Service

Contact Details Of Vijay Pest Control Service

Reviews: 223 Google reviews 4.9 out of 5 Address: Get Directions

About Vijay Pest Control Service

Vijay Pest Control in Ahmedabad was founded in 2001 and is one of the leading players in the field of Container Fumigation Services in Ahmedabad. This well-known firm serves consumers from both local and distant parts of Ahmedabad as a single point of entry. In its industry, this company’s success stems in part from the fact that its staff firmly believes that customer happiness is as crucial as the goods and services it provides. This business has a large client base because of its emphasis on client satisfaction, which continues to expand by the day. Employees at this firm are committed to their jobs and put forth significant efforts to help the company achieve larger goals.

Services of Vijay Pest Control Service

Plant pest control Restaurant pest control Pest control in Pune Fruit fly insecticide Termite prevention treatment Killers pest control Organic garden pest control

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3. Rex Enviroment Science Private Limited

Contact Details Of Rex Enviroment Science Private Limited:

Reviews: 691 Google reviews,4.8 out of 5 Address: Get Directions

About Rex Enviroment Science Private Limited:

Rex Environment Science Private Limited is a prominent pest control company in Ahmedabad. Residential Pest Control Services, Pest Control Services For Termite, Commercial Pest Control Services, Herbal Pest Control Services, Sanitizing Services For Office, Sanitizing Services are some of the services provided. All of these services are managed by our expert staff with care. While performing termite treatment and cockroach control procedures, our professionals make certain that the consumers are informed about the specific measures to be followed.

Services of Rex Enviroment Science Private Limited:

Indoor pest control Moth control Roach treatment Home mosquito control Fumigation company Insect pest management Mosquito service Pest control services in Delhi Udhai treatment

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4. Pecopp Pest Control Services Pvt Ltd

Contact Details Of Pecopp Pest Control Services Pvt Ltd:

Reviews: 355 Google Reviews ,4.9 out of 5 Address: Get Directions

About Pecopp Pest Control Services Pvt Ltd:

Pecopp Pest Control Services Pvt Ltd is a company that provides pest control services in Ahmedabad. Their pest control services are safe and do not have any harmful effects on people or the environment. They offer pest control services that are not only effective but also safe. They have a staff of professionally trained experts with extensive experience in the field of pest management, backed by a team of entomologists and Pest control Professionals with more than 4-7 years’ expertise. They provide the finest and no.1 pest control services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Services of Pecopp Pest Control Services Pvt Ltd:

Anti pest control Mealybug pesticide Leaf miner insecticide Greenpest Stem borer insecticide Petti pest control Best pest control services in Mumbai

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5. Goodwill pest control services

Contact Details Of Goodwill pest control services:

Reviews: 237 Google Reviews, 5.0 Out of 5 Address: Get Directions

About Goodwill pest control services

Goodwill pest control services is a company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India) that helps people maintain wellness at home and in-office spaces. The company has recruited experienced professionals to provide disinfection cleaning services, commercial disinfection cleaning services, residential and commercial sanitization services, and residential pest control services using premium quality disinfectants. They provide a wide range of extra services. They are recognized for our high-quality Garden Protection Net and Disinfectant Chemical, which come from trustworthy manufacturing firms. By providing customers with all economical answers, they have established themselves as a reputable business in this industry.

Services of Goodwill pest control services

Capitol pest control Indoor insecticide Best fly killer outdoor Rodent Control Cheap exterminators Termite Control Mosquito Control Pest Control Services in Hyderabad.

If you are looking for pest control services in Ahmedabad, all you need to do is to google “pest control near me” and you will find a list of all the best options that are available for you.

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Pest Control Ahmedabad FAQs

Pests are insects or small animals that spread infections and adversely affect the property. The best and recommended method to get rid of them is to call professional pest control services in Ahmedabad or by ” pest control near me” services on google. These days it is very easy to avail yourself of pest control services and they keep your home, offices, workplace, and storage areas free from all types of pests. However, it is a subject not frequently dealt with in the mainstream media and daily conversations. So, it is natural to have various questions about the pest control process and the details of the Pest Control services in Ahmedabad. Some of the frequently asked questions are answered below to keep you informed and clear your doubts.

Pests always leave behind traces once they infest the place or the property. Look for buildup on walls, strange odour, bite marks and smeared droppings. Make sure you regularly check the pest prone areas for such signs. If you are still doubtful about the presence of pests, you can always call pest control services to inspect your surroundings.


It is always advisable to cover all eatables and drinking water. Make sure that you declutter the place of infestation. Other than this you can always ask the service provider if they recommend any advance preparations. This makes the job easier for the professionals while simultaneously protecting your belongings.


There is usually no need for a deep clean after the pest has been removed. But, this also depends on the type of infestation and the chemicals used to get rid of them. So, do not worry. The pest control service should explain to you what kind of cleaning is required. It is always helpful to ensure there is good ventilation as it will help get rid of the smell post-treatment.


No, there is no need to leave your house during the treatment. But it is advised if you or one of your family members are allergic to the chemicals being used. Otherwise, the chemicals used during the process are not harmful to humans.


Yes, it is always advised to keep your pets away when the infestation is being treated. This is only because it is hard to predict their behaviour when pest control experts come in. your pet might get in the way of them doing a good job and may unknowingly lick an area where chemicals are present. So, keep your pets away for a few hours till the areas are completely dry.


This is a very common question and there is no need to be afraid. Most of the pests die during the deep infestation. But, it may take a day or two for all of them to die. So they will eventually all die and this need not be a matter of concern. If you see pests even after a week of treatment then call the pest service control and get it checked.

Pest Control Ahmedabad Charges

Charges Or Costs of pest control Services in Ahmedabad Pest Control services all around the world are very costly but in Ahmedabad, it is cheaper than in all other countries there are many private companies providing pest control services. It is necessary because rodents and insects carry diseases, infest your kitchens and bedrooms, and bite you or your pets. The purpose of removing any kind of pest from your home, garage, or yard is to keep you safe and healthy. For example, rodents can leave faeces on or near food they find in your kitchen. Pest control is very necessary for Hygienic living. It is done by many Pest Control companies in Ahmedabad. It is advisable that pest control should be done twice a year. The prices mentioned below may vary for each and every city in India. But generally, these are the charges for pest control services in Ahmedabad. Treatment Type Price Range for 1 BHK (in Rs.) Price Range for 2 BHK (in Rs.) Price Range for 3 BHK (in Rs.) Price Range for 4 BHK & 5 BHK (in Rs.) Basic  Treatment  500 – 900  850 – 1250  1200 – 1500  1200 – 1500 Cockroach  550 – 750  750 – 900  950 – 1000  1000 – 1200 Bedbug  900 – 1100  1100 – 1300  1200 – 1400  1450 – 1650 Cockroach &  Bedbug  1100 – 1400  1500 – 1800  1850 – 2000  2300 – 2500 Mosquito &  Flies  450 – 650  650 – 800  850 – 1000  1050 – 1200 Rat &  Rodent  400 – 600  600 – 800  800 – 950  1000 – 1200 (15% Discount on Services) For More pest Control rates visit – Pest Control Services in Chennai Harmful Pests Termites – Termites although small in size, are capable of large scale damage to structures and furniture, especially those made of wood. The primary reason is that they attack in large groups. Detecting and controlling termites are difficult tasks as they eat away from within and stay invisible from the outside. It is often only after the precious & costly furniture and vital structures of your home are completely hollowed out from within, that the damage becomes noticeable. Removal of termites is very necessary because it can cost a lot of damage and money. Rats and mice – Rodents not only cause significant damage with their gnawing and nesting but their urine and droppings can also spread disease, and their numbers can grow very quickly, increasing the damage and potential for disease. Mosquitoes and ticks – with their bites, these insects not only cause irritation but their feeding on our blood can also be transmitting disease directly back into our systems. Cockroaches – are known to contaminate food and spread diseases (such as the foodborne disease Salmonellosis), cockroaches tendency to shelter behind walls and in other hidden areas during the day and appear at night to seek out food and water, which means that they are often unseen until their populations have built to incredible numbers and their potential for harm is significant. House flies – although house and cluster flies are definitely pesky pests, they also can transmit saliva and many times germs in their faeces and the vomit they regurgitate to digest their food. Ants – Fire ants, whose bites have been known to kill, and small ants that get into and contaminate food in the home.