Top 5 House Painters in Bangalore with Number and Charges presents the list of Top 5 House Painters in Bangalore

  1. R S Painting Services
  2. The Paint Decorators
  3. Paint your nest
  4. Paint My Walls
  5. Aapka Painter

There’s no point in denying it; you’ve got to paint your walls. But before you do, you need to find the right company. In this blog post, I’ll show you the top five wall painters in Bangalore so that you can start your search with a clear picture in your mind of what each of them does.

Here Are the Full Details Of Top 5 Wall Painters in Bangalore

1. R S Painting Services

Contact Details Of R S Painting Services

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 226 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About R S Painting Services

R S Painting Services is one of the most famous painters in Bangalore. They offer many services at affordable prices. The painter you choose should be an expert in this field and give you advice about the best colours to use in your home and how to maintain them. A good painter will also provide a guarantee on his work so that you can contact him if anything goes wrong. That’s exactly what the R S Painting Services team does.

Services of R S Painting Services

  1. Victorian house painting
  2. Beautiful home painting
  3. Jb painting and decorating
  4. Stucco painting near me
  5. Whole house painting
  6. Premiere painting
  7. Domestic painting services

2. The Paint Decorators

Contact Details Of The Paint Decorators

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 433 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About The Paint Decorators

The Paint Decorators have professionals to paint your house, office, apartment and more. They strive to offer high-quality work at a low cost to our customers. They are well trained to do the painting job with perfection, and they are also well-equipped with the necessary tools required for the painting job. You will be pleased with the way they deliver their service. You will also receive an assurance from them that you won’t get any complaints after their services.

Mervices of the Paint Decorators

  1. Milton painting
  2. Domestic painting
  3. Dulux home painting services
  4. Painting new build walls
  5. Asian paints colour service
  6. Internal wall painting

3. Paint your nest

Contact Details Of Paint your nest

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 79 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Paint your nest

Several people have hired Paint your nest to paint their homes and offices. The team of Paint your nest is well-trained and have years of experience in this field, and they ensure that their customers get exactly what they want out of their painting services. Paint your nest offer the best quality interior and exterior painting services at affordable prices. They use premium quality paint that lasts longer than ordinary paints and high-quality painters to deliver the best services at all times.

Services of Paint your nest

  1. Indoor painting services
  2. Dulux painting services
  3. Easy house painting
  4. House roof painting
  5. Door painting service
  6. Kevin’s painting

4. Paint My Walls

Contact Details Of Paint My Walls

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 1604 Google Reviews, 4.5 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Paint My Walls

Nowadays, you can find many painters in Bangalore who can do painting work for you. But there are very few who are good at it. You might wonder how to know if the painter you choose is good at his job or not. If you are looking for a painter, this is the right place for you because they have a lot of different services, and they also provide free estimates to get an idea of how much it will cost to paint your house.

Services of Paint My Walls

  1. Door wall painting
  2. Wallpaper removal and painting
  3. Kd cares painting
  4. Painting front of house
  5. Home inside painting
  6. Kitchen painting service
  7. Custom home painting

5. Aapka Painter

Contact Details Of Aapka Painter

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 2328 Google Reviews, 4.6 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Aapka Painter

Aapka Painter is a painting company that offers colour consultation and a free estimate before starting any painting work at your home or office. They give you all the details about the work that needs to be done and the estimated time frame so that you don’t have to wait for too long after making a payment for them to start working on your project.

When it comes to painting walls, you want someone who knows what they are doing. The last thing you need is a painter that will not only mess up your walls but not be willing to repair the job when they’re done. Hopefully, we can help you avoid this in the future and give you some guidance.

Services of Aapka Painter

  1. Triangle painting wall
  2. Normal wall painting
  3. Internal house painting
  4. Almirah painting service
  5. Sam’s painting

House Painting in Bangalore Cost

Painting has been a vital part for the process of home maintenance. This includes the valuable lifestyle of a particular structure. This permits in developing the personal touch. Finally, the process includes costs like putty and paint. It also includes the labour and primer. The best thing is to calculate the expenditure. It is important to create a plan for financial preparation.

Guide to The Different Forms of Paints

There are different forms of paint which influence the painting cost at home. We have come across different paint varieties.

Distemper paint

It is a cheap based on water and it is quite cheap. The nomenclature for the particular paint includes ‘whitewashing’. An individual can apply it. This is not enduring. There is no washing and it peels away. There is fading of this paint. The distemper paint costs about Rs 10 for every sq ft.

Emulsion paint

The paint involves oil or water. The finishing touch of this paint is superb. The emulsion paint offers amazing durability. A cloth is the best material for washing. The person must soak it with the solution of detergent. The paints have properties to fight against fungus. You might come across acrylic and plastic emulsion paint. The emulsion paint relies on forms of finish. They are matte and glossy. The cost starts from Rs 12 for every sq ft. The upper limit of the cost is Rs 60 for every sq ft.

Enamel paint

There is application of enamels over the surfaces. We have found significant activity. The reason is their durability. There is proper washing of surface. The effect is glossy. This paint protects the surface from stain and water. It is great for wood and metallic surface. The cost for this paint begins with Rs. 80 for every sq ft.

Lustre paint

The lustre paints is on water or oil. The paint has an effect like pearl and it is quite smooth. There is simple washing. This painting is no good for instant works. They might spread an odor for a few hours. This odor remains after getting dry. The luster paint cost begins between Rs 26 for every square feet. The upper limit is Rs 30 for every square feet

Texture paint

There are different forms of paints found in show or accent walls. The application needs particular tools. This consists of rollers, knives, knives, trowels and brushes. The materials involves putty for developing a three dimensional texture. The texture paints have tactile and voluminous effect. The cost is quite high and it starts with Rs 80 for every square feet. The upper limit is Rs 200 for every square feet.

An individual can consult with the top expert for designing the interiors. It is the best way of decorating the interior of house. You can get a clear idea of the pricing. This is the perfect way of taking decision about house painting. A buyer can make a comparison of the different types of painting services. Get in touch with us now!

FAQs About Wall Painters

When it comes to interior decorations, home improvements and wall painting clients would love to know about the services painting contractors offer and what are benefits they stand to gain. Besides, most clients are inquisitive to understand how well your services would suit their needs while hoping to have a well-painted wall.

Typically there are different exhaustive frequently asked questions painters are asked when dealing with their clients, understanding the questions and providing the perfect answers to these questions sets you ahead of your competitors. Meanwhile, the questions are often asked to help determine which of the contractors are best suited for the job and also the mode of services offered by the contractor.

Answers provided by the contractors to the valid and essential questions asked by the clients should conform with the acquired experience.

Meanwhile, as a client hoping to hire the right painter for your home, understanding your painting criteria, the right paint type and overview knowledge of painting would position you to ask the right question.

Why Is It Important To Ask Your Paint Contractors Questions?

It is a great idea to ask essential questions regarding the painting activities that would be done in your home, by any painting contractor. The answer to these questions would also guide you better and will show the painter that you are on top of your game. More so, it would show how well you communicate and understand the necessary details of the painting job in your home.

Some Important Faqs For Your Painting Contractor

Now that you have a list of contractors to work with, or you have finally chosen your preferred painter, it is time to ask relevant questions. The next sections would highlight a list of important questions that should be asked of a wall painter.

Are You A Licenced Painter?

This question would help you understand if the painter has all the requirements highlighted by the painting body or the government of the country. It would also give you an insight into how qualified the contractor is.

Can I Leave My Apartment While The Painting Work Is Ongoing?

You would be able to understand the necessary security caution that would be implemented if you leave your home in the hands of the painting contractor. More so, the painter should be able to give you a convincing answer.

For How Long Would It Take For The Job To Be Completed?

An answer to the question would give you an overall idea of how many days it would take the painting crew to finish your painting job and hand over your keys.

Why Should I Hire You As My Painter?

This is the best time for the painter to convince you about how they intend to get the painting job done, what you should expect and the benefits of hiring them for your painting needs. If a painter cannot boldly justify why you should hire them, then it would be best you sought another contractor.

What Type Of Brand Paint Do You Make Use Of?

As the clients, this question would give you a broad understanding of the top brands out there, the reason why the contractor chose a specific paint brand and why it either suits your home or doesn’t suit it.

Do You Have Any Health And Safety Plans In Place?

Here you would understand if the painter is professional and takes safety as a priority when carrying out any painting activity.

Check out more faqs about house painters in Bangalore here.

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