Top 5 pest Control Services in Noida with Number and Charges presents the list of Top 5 Pest Control Services in Noida

Top 5 Pest Control Noida (100% TRUSTED & VERIFIED)NumberReviewsAddress
RPA Pest Control8302089090284 ReviewsDirections
Panache Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.9024058770105 ReviewsDirections
MV Pest Control.7976047244338 ReviewsDirections
ZPlus Pest Control9799724947205 ReviewsDirections
Herbal Pest Control Noida941368649655 ReviewsDirections
Top 5 Pest Control in Noida and their contact details

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You want a pest service that will quickly get rid of any pests while keeping your family safe when it comes to pest control. Often, the people affected by a problem will be looking for someone professional to solve their issues. They look for services that will help them get the job done safely and effectively.

Are you looking for the best pest control in Noida? Or pest control near me? Let us find out.

1. Vansh Pest Control

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Contact Details Of Vansh Pest Control

Reviews: 342 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Vansh Pest Control

Vansh Pest Control Ltd is based in Civil Lines, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. They have got 5 stars on Google reviews.

Services of Vansh Pest Control

  1. Bayer pest control
  2. Any treatment
  3. Bed bug control
  4. Grasshopper killer
  5. Herbal pest control
  6. Termite company
  7. Spider insecticide
  8. pest control Ahmedabad

2. RPA Pest Control

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902 405 8770

Contact Details Of RPA Pest Control

Reviews: 284 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About RPA Pest Control

RPA Pest Control has provided services for more than 20 years. They have 4.8 stars on Google reviews.

Services of RPA Pest Control

  1. Mosquito treatment
  2. Bee pest control
  3. Mosquito infestation
  4. Scorpion pest control
  5. Best insect killer
  6. Cockroach pest control
  7. Termite insecticide
  8. They also offer services in faridabad also

3. Panache Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

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Contact Details Of Panache Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

Reviews: 105 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Panache Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

Panache Pest Control Pvt. Ltd has been in the business for over a decade. They have a whopping 4.9 ratings on Google reviews.

Services of Panache Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Whitworth pest control
  2. Best pesticide
  3. Drywood termite treatment
  4. Lawn pest control
  5. Leaf miner pesticide
  6. Wasp removal cost
  7. Silverfish pest control
  8. Also serves pest services in Indore.

4. MV Pest Control

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797 604 7244

Contact Details Of MV Pest Control

Reviews: 338 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About MV Pest Control

  • They a have a 5-star rating on Google reviews. 

Services of MV Pest Control

  1. Termite service
  2. Exterminator pest control
  3. Aphid treatment
  4. Mosquito companies
  5. Termidor termite treatment

5. ZPlus Pest Control

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979 972 4947

Contact Details Of ZPlus Pest Control

Reviews: 205 Google Reviews, 4.7 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About ZPlus Pest Control

ZPlus Pest Control with a 4.7 rating on Google and customers looks satisfied.

Services of ZPlus Pest Control

  1. Moth control
  2. Roach treatment
  3. Home mosquito control
  4. Fumigation company
  5. Insect pest management
  6. Mosquito service

Know more about Pest Control Services in Noida

Importance Of Regular Pest Control

Pest control services are essential for commercial and residential use. Here are the reasons why?

  • Pests can cause massive damage to your property and even spread diseases that lead to serious health problems.
  • The most common pests that can wreak havoc on your home or business include Ants, Termites, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Fleas/Ticks/Mosquitoes, Mice & Rodents, Spiders, and Snakes.
  • Also, pest control is an essential element of managing and maintaining a healthy environment when it comes to structuring. 
  • With regular pest control, you can reduce the risk of structural damage to your building and increase the value of your property by reducing potential safety hazards for both people and pets.

There are more than 100 pest control service providers in Noida. But not every service provider will be great and good at what they do. We all need to tick some boxes because Pest control services in Noida are an integral part of managing the hygiene and safety in your home or office.

What Must A Pest Control Service Provider have?

Like any other business, a pest control service provider must have a series of attributes to succeed. First and foremost, the company must be professional in every way.

  • As a pest control service provider, you must have the necessary equipment to inspect correctly.
  • You also need to communicate with your customers about the services you offer and how those services can benefit them.
  • Most importantly, however, you need a well-versed technician in what it takes to provide pest control service and do so efficiently.

To Wrap Up!

If you have pests in your home or business, it can be a frustrating and upsetting experience. Do not overlook them because getting rid of these pests is not easy.

You must seek out pest control services as quickly as possible.


Charges Or Costs Of Pest Control Services In Noida

The prices mentioned below may vary for each and every city in India. But generally,

These Are The Charges For Pest Control Services In Noida

Treatment TypePrice Range for 1 BHK (in Rs.)Price Range for 2 BHK (in Rs.)Price Range for 3 BHK (in Rs.)Price Range for 4 BHK & 5 BHK (in Rs.)
Basic Treatment 400 – 600 600 – 800 950 – 1150 1200 – 1400
 Mosquito &  Flies550 – 650 750 – 850 900 – 1000 1100 – 1200
Rat & Rodent700 – 800 900 – 1100 1150 – 1250 1450 – 1550
Cockroach900 – 1000 1100 – 1200 1250 – 1350 1400 – 1600
Bed Bugs350 – 450 500 – 600 650 – 800 900 – 1000
Silverfish500 – 600 700 – 800 900 – 1000 1100 – 1300

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FAQs-Pest control services

1. How would I know if I have a pest or bug problem and require assistance?

It is always preferable to detect a pest infestation early on since the more profound the infestation, the longer it would take to eradicate it. But then, how would you know if pests and bugs are present? By taking a hard look at anything and everything, the answer is relatively straightforward.

Certain pests are readily available, such as cockroaches, lizards, and rats. Other pests, such as termites or bed bugs, are challenging to identify. If you give heed, you can quickly spot these pests’ signs. If you have any doubts regarding pests, you should thoroughly investigate your surroundings. If you detect small red dots on your bed sheet, examine whether bedbugs are present? Similarly, if you notice brown coloured powdery dust around your furnishings, you should check for termites.

Alternatively, you can hire a certified pest control company to inspect, and if pests and bugs are present, they will be able to identify them and propose treatment options quickly. In most cases, pest control firms do not charge for inspections, and if bugs are discovered, they can provide pest control services and assist you in getting rid of them quickly.

How could I locate and employ the best pest control professionals?

One of the best approaches is to ask your friends and coworkers for recommendations for a skilled pest exterminator; alternatively, you may use Google search to look for the best cost offers from local pest control companies. Whatever you choose, remember to check everything ahead of time, from licensing to hidden charges.

Is it necessary for me to clean my home following pest control treatments?

One of the best approaches is to ask your friends and coworkers for recommendations for a skilled pest exterminator; alternatively, you may use Google search to look for the best cost offers from local pest control companies. Whatever you choose, remember to check everything ahead of time, from licensing to hidden charges.

How could I locate and employ the best pest control professionals?

One of the best approaches is to ask your friends and coworkers for recommendations for a skilled pest exterminator; alternatively, you may use Google search to look for the best cost offers from local pest control companies. Whatever you choose, remember to check everything ahead of time, from licensing to hidden charges.

Is it necessary for me to clean my home following pest control treatments?

You usually don’t need to clean your house after a pest control treatment, but depending on the type of treatment and chemicals used, your pest control company would tell you if anything in your home has to be cleaned. Still, you may need to ventilate your home after treatment to eliminate any odours properly.

Is it necessary for us to leave the house during treatment?

Unless you’re allergic to or hypersensitive to such smells or chemicals, it’s usually not necessary. Even if the chemicals used for pest control are generally not dangerous to humans, some of us would rather just not be there and stay outside until the pest control treatment is completed. If you or a member of your family has Asthma or any other breathing difficulties, it is preferable for them to spend a few hours outside.

Is it required for me to keep my dogs at bay?

It’s difficult to say how the pet would respond to the treatment. If you have an aggressive dog, it may disrupt the process or try to lick the chemicals being sprinkled. If your pet is very violent, it may attempt to attack the pest management workers, so it’s a good idea to keep it away for a while until the treatment is completed and the chemicals have dried completely.

What Kind Of Pest Control Services Are Offered By Professionals?

Pest problems sometimes happen that may need you to seek help controlling the pest from a professional. Pests are always active during every season. A recurring pest control service is crucial to keep pests out of your home. They are also the main carriers of many illnesses and diseases. Pests like rats, insects, cockroaches, germs, bed bugs, and termites bring severe diseases like typhus, rat-bite fever, stomach disorder, dengue, etc. Professional pest control services can help a big deal in prohibiting and controlling pests.

Here Are Some Of The Best Pest Control Services Are Offered By professionals:

Bed bugs Pest Control:

Bed bugs spread on your blood, and they are very scratchy. They damage your bed and put you and your family in danger of getting infected. Professionals use chemicals for the pests and let you have a good night’s sleep.

Mosquito Pest Control: 

Mosquitoes are harmful because they spread many infections like dengue, malaria, and brain fever. So professionals use thermal and cold fogging methods to exclude mosquitoes from your home and office. And professional also utilizes odourless chemicals to control mosquitoes.

Termites Pest Control:

Termites are probably the most harmful of all pests that may spread to your home. These pests work very soon and can cause a significant amount of damage in a very short period making termite control an obvious condition at the first sign of infestation. Professional pest control services are needed to effectively relieve your home or termites and break the strong colony.

Bees Pest Control:

Bees are of different types and cause harm in different ways. For example, bees build beehives that replenish full wall nooks, and if they are not controlled, their strength can damage the walls and railings in which they dwell. On the other hand, bees bring tunnels into unsealed wood. They reside in them and expand them if necessary, eventually causing damage to the furniture.

Cockroaches Pest Control:

Cockroaches can be in homes, restaurants, etc.  However, cockroach species normally invade sewers, pits, or from outside. Also, most cockroaches like to stay on woods relatively more than any different surface. Therefore, the professionals start by inspecting and attending to where cockroaches normally live. 

Rodents Pest Control:

Rodents are the biggest danger impacting extensive losses by infecting foodstuff with its fasces, whether commercial or industrial inferences. Therefore, it proposed to exclude rodents. Professional uses common ways to eliminate rodents. For example, they use tricks with multi doses of approved rodenticides to eradicate rodents in industrial areas.

Ants Pest Control:

Ants are small social insects, and they love sweets, but they eat almost everything: meat, vegetables, oil, and fats. They are a carrier of many bacteria like streptococcus and shigella. They can transfer them to open food. Chemicals are used in different methods by professionals.

Side Effect Of Pest Control:

It is widely offensive that pest control services use extremely poisonous chemicals. Therefore, people always demand organic or natural treatments worrying about health problems. However, if you have allergies relating to fumes and chemicals, it will be good to wait outdoors during the pest control procedure. It would be helpful if you did not go to your home before the recommended time given by our professionals.

To check other related frequently asked questions, visit here.

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