Top 5 Wall Painters in Noida with Number and Charges presents the list of Top 5 house painters in Noida

  1. Sahil Painter
  2. Anup Painting Work & Civil Works
  3. Abdul Bros
  4. Noida Contractor
  5. Bajrang Painters

Finding verified and genuine wall painters in Noida is not an easy task. So we have curated a list of the best house painters in Noida. They provide affordable service with good customer reviews. Let us take a look at the list of house painters in Noida.

1. Sahil Painter

Contact Details Of Sahil Painter

Phone Number: 08302089090

Reviews: 39 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Sahil Painter

Do you feel that your house looks boring with the same old-fashioned colours and designs? Well, then it is time for you to give it a makeover. With Sahil Painter, you get a top-notch interior makeover that makes your home feel like relaxing heaven. They have the right hue to make your apartment look lavish and new. When you work with them, you get a complete home makeover, without the trouble of renovation. It saves you money as well as time. Moreover, with good house painters in Noida, you can increase the appeal and marketability of your house.

They provide close attention to detail and provide you with a perfect finish that exceeds your expectations.

Services of Sahil Painter

  1. Beeruva painting
  2. Nice house painting
  3. Spraying house paint
  4. Milton painting
  5. Domestic painting
  6. Dulux home painting services

2. Anup Painting Work & Civil Works

Contact Details Of Anup Painting Work & Civil Works

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 79 Google Reviews, 4.7 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Anup Painting Work & Civil Works

The way you paint your house reflects your fashion sense. Anup Painting Work & Civil Works provide accurate quotes based on the requirements and budget of the customers. They schedule pre-painting home visits so as to have a better idea of what has to be done. Their process and the materials used guarantee home durability and a good interior makeover. Their house painting service is one of the best in Noida.

Services of Anup Painting Work & Civil Works

  1. Inside house paint
  2. Wall simple painting
  3. Wall painting outside
  4. Outdoor house painting
  5. Best home painting
  6. Wall decorative painting
  7. Wall room painting

3. Abdul Bros

Contact Details Of Abdul Bros

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 85 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Abdul Bros

They provide regular and comparatively good house painting services in Noida at an inexpensive rate. They are one of the oldest painting contractor companies in Noida. If you want a fully integrated home painting service then you should definitely get in touch with them.

Services of Abdul Bros

  1. Spraying wall paint
  2. Blue painting for wall
  3. Kitchen painting wall
  4. Painting exterior textured walls
  5. Wall painting service
  6. Commercial painting
  7. Electrostatic painting

4. Noida Contractor

Contact Details Of Noida Contractor

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 31 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Noida Contractor

It is one of the leasing professional home painting agencies in Noida. They have skilled painters working with them to cater to all your home painting needs. They emphasize providing quality work at an affordable cost. If you are hesitant to choose the best home painters in Noida because of the price then don’t be so. At Noida Contractor, you get affordable services without any compromise on price. So go ahead and book their services.

Services of Noida Contractor

  1. Painting commercial
  2. Berger paints home service
  3. House painting house painting
  4. Berger painting service
  5. Painting restoration
  6. Painting brick walls exterior
  7. Ceiling removal
  8. Office room painting
  9. Painting and wall covering contractors
  10. Romero’s painting

5. Bajrang Painters

Contact Details Of Bajrang Painters

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 50 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Bajrang Painters

Their primary aim is to offer specific planning, complete painting, and redecoration support among other services. They have managed to become one of the best home painters in Noida because of their work ethic and quality of service. They provide exclusive services to their clients and ensure that all of their requirements are taken care of. Thus they have managed to maintain their hold on the house painters market in Noida.

Services of Bajrang Painters

  1. Home painting wallpaper
  2. Waterproofing and painting contractors
  3. Decent wall painting
  4. Precision painting services
  5. Cost of exterior wall paint
  6. Taped painted wall
  7. Local interior house painters
  8. Dulux enviro

Choose the best home painting services in Noida. The services listed here are well researched and you can trust us to bring the best companies for you.

Estimated cost for House Painters in Noida

Most households get their interiors accomplished after they pass into a brand new house. They don’t alternate it until there’s a dire want for renovations. Not only does painting deliver the property a clean look, it additionally facilitates keeping the partitions of the house. So here’s an in-depth manual on what picks are involved and the way each of those elements impacts the painting price in line What is the floor that is being painted? The price of painting a residence on the exterior is lesser than an indoor paint job.

However, the method of outdoors painting is bulky and more coats of paint and an in-depth sanding/levelling method is required for exteriors as they’re generally more weather-beaten.

Interior Painting Cost: From ₹12 to ₹35 per sq. ft.
Exterior Painting Cost: From ₹13 per sq. ft. + labour charges

The condition of the walls is the next factor that comes into play while determining the painting cost per square foot. Naturally, the cost of painting a house per square foot with fresh paint costs more than repainting a home.

Fresh Painting Cost: From ₹20 to ₹38 per sq. ft.
Repainting Cost: From ₹12 to ₹28 per sq. ft.

The type of paint being used is the most obvious factor affecting the painting cost per square foot. There is a clear distinction in the price of the different kinds of paints.

Price for Distemper: From ₹8 per sq. ft.
Pricing of Emulsion: From ₹12 per sq. ft.
Cost of Texture Paint: From ₹80 per sq. ft.


Cost of Interior Painting ₹12 to ₹35 per sq. ft.
Cost of Exterior Painting From ₹13 per sq. ft. + labour
Cost of Fresh Paint ₹20 to ₹38 per sq. ft.
Cost of Repaint ₹12 to ₹28 per sq. ft.
Cost of Distemper From ₹8 per sq. ft.
Cost of Emulsion From Rs 12 per sq. ft.
Cost of Texture Paint From ₹80 per sq. ft

FAQs about Wall Painters

Q1) What is the role of a wall painter?

Ans- A painter is someone who paints a picture and makes ordinary things look more beautiful and attractive. In the same way, the role of a wall painter is also to make your house look more beautiful and attractive. Wall painter décor a house wall with all its creativity.

Q2) What qualification does one need to become a wall painter?

Ans- In small-town painters don’t need any degree or certification for doing the wall painting job. But still, minimum qualification of 12th class will be a good part for doing this job. Anyways one can also pursue any degree or diploma for the same to get a better knowledge about the esteemed work.

Q3) Can anyone independently work as a wall painter?

Ans- Yes, definitely. It’s not mandatory that you have to work under someone to be a wall painter. You can also work as a wall painter contractor. But for that, you need to have a license or carry liability insurance.

Q4) Do wall painting contractors need any specific degree?

Ans- There are no certain degrees for wall painting contractors. Just you need to have the necessary knowledge about paint, colours, tools and measurement.

Q5) Is exterior and interior wall painters different?

Ans – No same wall painters can do both the exterior and interior wall painting. Just in the case of interior knowledge, measurement techniques are much required to get the job done right.

Q6) What is the average salary of a wall painter in India?

Ans- Wall painter’s income differs from place to place. In small cities and towns, they mostly work on wages. Again, in big cities, they are working on a contract basis. Some wall painters are salaried also if they are working under any big contractor. Wall painters’ income mostly depends on their experience label.

Q7) Can anyone choose wall painting as a career option?

Ans- Yes of course one can take this as their career option. It is totally a misconception that wall painters only paints walls and are paid very less. Nowadays interior design is in high demand. Interior designers can give the design but bringing things to reality is totally in the hands of a wall painter.

Q8) What are the tools required to be a wall painter?

Ans- Some of the important tools required for a wall painter are
Wooden Crate or toolbox
Wooster paintbrushes
Drop cloth
Spackling and Spackling Knife
Sanding block

Q9) What are the important techniques required to be a good wall painter?

Ans-The most important technique used to be a good wall painter is that you need to spend more time preparing a new room. Washing, patching, sanding and vacuuming walls, ceilings, trim and doors before picking up a brush is very important.

 Q10) Is a wall painter job a white-collar job?

Ans- No, the wall painter job is totally a blue-collar job. As this job is not something which you can’t do in an office environment and at a fixed location. This job demands moving to various locations and typical manual labour.

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