Top 5 pest Control Services in Pune with Number and Charges

Here we are offering a list of the Top 5 pest control companies in Pune of 2024 with phone numbers, addresses, reviews and charges.

Top 5 Pest Control Pune (100% TRUSTED & VERIFIED) Number Reviews Address
Tej Pest Control Services 8302089090 95 Reviews Directions
Mantra Pest Solution 9024058770 116 Reviews Directions
Eco Friendly Pest Control 9413686496 170 Reviews Directions
Atharva Dreams Pest Control world 7976047244 88 Reviews Directions
Shakti Pest Control 9799724947 414 Reviews Directions
Top 5 Pest Control in Pune and their contact details

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If you’re seeking certified and professional pest control services in Pune, is the best place to hire.

Your home may not only be your home but a safe space for cockroaches, termites and many bugs as well. Pest infection is a serious problem because they do not only eat away your furniture and cause unhygienic problems in your daily life, but they also affect your family’s health and peaceful well-being. If you’re tired of those termites eating away Get in touch with pest control services in Pune and make your house pest-free in no time. Here are the Top 5 pest control companies in Pune that will save you time and wipe your house of pests. 

1. Tej Pest Control Services Pune, India

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Contact Details of Tej Pest Control Services Pune

Reviews: 90 Google reviews 4.4 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Tej Pest Control Services Pune

Tej Pest Control Services Pune is widely known as one of the best professional pest control services in Pune and PCMC. They deal in herbal pest services, cockroach pest control services,  bedbugs, mosquitoes, and commercial and residential services.

Tej Pest Control Services Pune is a reliable and premier pest control company in Pune that provides an extensive range of services. Their staff are trained to use eco-friendly chemicals that do not harm you and are carried out by a professional team of experienced technicians. They have been working in pest control and are known to have built long-term relationships with their clients based on high-quality service. They are one of the top Pest Control Services in Pune.

Services of Tej Pest Control Services Pune


    1. Most effective bed bug treatment

    1. Mice exterminator near me

    1. Termite control near me

    1. Mouse exterminator

    1. Ant control

    1. Wasp removal

    1. White grub

    1. Home pest control

    1. Aphid control

    1. Biological control of pests

    1. Ant exterminator

2. Mantra Pest Solution

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902 405 8770

Contact Details of Mantra Pest Solution

Reviews: 87 Google reviews 4.7 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Mantra Pest Solution

They have highly trained professionals working as per your convenience and availability. They offer customer protection against damages and work with both residential and commercial settings. It’s highly trained technicians strive to give us a clean, healthy and safe home. They provide accountability, advanced technology and skilled techniques to help restore our belongings after pest invasion.

If you are looking for pest control services in Delhi also, visit here to see.

Services of Mantra Pest Solution


    1. Bug exterminator

    1. Termite pest control

    1. Wasp exterminator near me

    1. Organic pest control

    1. Mice exterminator

    1. Bed bug removal

    1. Mouse exterminator near me

    1. Ant exterminator near me

3. Eco Friendly Pest Control

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Contact Details of Eco Friendly Pest Control

Reviews: 300 Google reviews 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Eco Friendly Pest Control

They provide overall good and effective services. Also they  offer one year guarantee and are specialized in cockroach, bedbugs, ants, flies and lizard control.

Services of Eco Friendly Pest Control


    1. Pest control services near me

    1. Exterminator

    1. Termite treatment

    1. Bed bugs treatment

    1. Termite control

    1. Rodent control

    1. Fumigation services

    1. Pest control services in Hyderabad

4. Atharva Dreams Pest Control world

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797 604 7244

Contact Details of Atharva Dreams Pest Control world

Reviews: 88 Google reviews 4.7 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Atharva Dreams Pest Control world

They have been practicing the pest control activity since 19 years. They are specialized in residential pest control services, termite control treatment, commercial pest control, industrial pest control and termite treatment for pre and past constructions.

Services of Atharva Dreams Pest Control world


    1. Exterminating

    1. Bed bugs control

    1. Mealy bug control

    1. Wasp nest removal

    1. Mosquito control

    1. Best pest control near me

5. Shakti Pest Control

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979 972 4947

Contact Details of Shakti Pest Control

Reviews: 414 Google reviews ,4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Shakti Pest Control

They are a leading brand in Pune and Nagpur. Also, they have been working in this field for last 20 years.

If you’re looking for a pest control service in Pune or Pest Control near me service to get rid of all the Pests in your house, connect with them and get your job done with no hassle. 

Services of Shakti Pest Control


    1. Best pest control near me

    1. Bee removal near me

    1. Ants care

    1. Bed bug exterminator

    1. Emergency pest control

    1. Pest management

    1. Rat exterminator


Here are the Charges of Pest Control Services in Pune

Be it home or workplace, it’s best to keep the area pest-free. Many professional pest control services in Pune are ready to serve you. However, before hiring one, you need to have a fair idea of the charges of pest control services in Pune . It would also help if you have an idea of what to expect from a professional pest control service.

NOTE: The estimated prices are bound to vary as per the various types of pest control Services in Pune.

If you want to know more, let us know about your pest control needs and get personalized estimates from us.

Keeping that in mind, we give you a comprehensive guide for the charges and cost of pest control services in Pune.

Termite Control 1BHK to 5BHK Rs.1200 – 9200
Cockroach control 1BHK to 5BHK Rs.799 – 1599
Rats Control 1BHK to 5BHK Rs.749 – 1399
Bed Bugs Control 1BHK to 5BHK Rs.1500 – 4000
Ants Control 1BHK to 5BHK Rs.749 – 1399
Lizards Control 1BHK to 4BHK Rs.700 – 1800
Mosquito Control 1BHK to 4BHK Rs.1700 – 2500
Birds Control As per sq. Ft. Birds Spikes – Rs.120 / Sq. Ft. Protection Net – Rs.35 / Sq. Ft.
Silverfish Control 1BHK to 5BHK Rs.700 – 1399
Tick Control 1BHK to 5BHK Rs.700 – 1700
General Pest Control 1BHK to 5BHK Rs.800 – 2000
Commercial Pest Control Cost As per sq. Ft. Rs.1 / Sq. Ft. Onward Min. Service Area: 800 Sq. Ft.

If you want to check out charges of pest control services in Bangalore than visit here.

No one likes bed bugs, cockroaches, lizards and mosquitos lurking around the house. If you are having a pest problem, it’s time to take initiative and get pest control.

How to determine the cost of pest control services in Pune

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Here is how you can determine the cost of pest control services in Pune .

  1. Type Of Pest Removal Service In Pune You Are Looking For

    The charges levied by pest control near me services in Pune depends on various factors which include residence and commercial property. While some companies might be experts in killing all kinds of pests, some specialize in termites while others shine in handling cockroaches. For instance, a termite control service won’t charge the same as the one that deals with rodents.

  2. Level Of Pest Infestation

    The size of the area where the rodents are dwelling plays an important role in pest control payment. If the rodents are accommodating a small area, the service provider won’t charge much. But if there is more infestation throughout the home, then the charge will be higher. However, it would be worth getting rid of all the pests.

  3. Number Of Visits Needed To Remove Insects

    Based on the complexity of the pest invasion in your home/office in Pune , the experts will take the necessary steps. If the pest invasion is minimal, it will take only a single service. However, if they are severe, the pest control service in Pune will extend the services.

  4. Size Of Property Matters

    Some pest control services in Pune also charge as per the size of your home or room. After checking your home area or a specific room, they will charge the respected fee.

Many pest control services in Pune use the best mechanisms such as herbal as well as chemical-based solutions.

Research well and check rates and charges in your area for pest control near me services. Usually, the pest control companies in Pune don’t charge anything for inspection and will gladly do a free survey. This is a great way to find the correct estimates for pest control services in Pune .


 FAQs on pest control

Why is it necessary to get a professional for pest control? 

Pests are of different types. Knowing the right kind of treatment for each individual pest type is utterly necessary. The professionals have the know-how on which treatment is ideal for which pest. Hence, they end up providing a viable solution that works appropriately for you.

Recommending accurate & efficient products, correct treatments and more are a few USPs of hiring a professional for the job. In fact, they use products that are approved by U.S. EPA and keep your health at heart.

A professional knows how to apply effective products safely to minimize your tension and make your home pest-free. 

What is the time required to find positive results after pest control treatment? 

Results are entirely dependent on the kind of pests present at your home or office or godown, and so on. Furthermore, the products used also ascertain the time required for positive results.

What most responsible pest control companies do is that they create a pest-resistant landscape that also happens to be free of threats. Your professional will talk to you, understand your concern, and provide a feasible solution that suits you the best. 

What is the fundamental difference between bait treatments and sprays? 

Some individuals do not prefer harmful or liquid chemicals to be applied in their homes with kids and pets around. A professional pest controller may choose to bait or use a chemical spray depending on the gravity of the situation and the intensity of the havoc wreaked by the kind of pest. 

Why is it so that bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and more require intensive pest control treatment, that too more than once? 

For highly mobile pests, intensive pest control treatment is a must because these can move around fast. For these pests, determining the infestation source and ensuring that re-infestation doesn’t occur are a few things that a professional needs to consider. Hence, the service needs to be repeated more than once for a complete solution. 

Do bed bugs live in beds, and that’s that? 

If you think that movement and activity of bed bugs are limited to beds, you are mistaken because these tiny menacing guys live in cushions, chairs, sofas, cracks and crevices of the baseboards, in the secluded corners of the electric outlets, behind photo frames, wall hangings, and more. They are problematic because they can thrive anywhere in your house, office or store. 

What can I do to protect a bed bug infestation? 

Bed bug infestation can be protected if you are vigilant enough:

1. Keep your house clean.
2. Check your luggage thoroughly after you finish travelling.
3. Make sure that your mattresses, cushions, sofa upholstery, and more are getting enough sunlight and that the interiors of your home are not damp enough.

You can also check out other related FAQs here about pest control services in Mumbai.

If you have the slightest doubt, stop worrying and talk to a pest control expert at the earliest. Remember, once the bed bug infestation starts, it is tough to handle the ordeal with your DIY measures. Hence, pest control is mandatory, and it can bring you peace of mind. 

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