Top 5 Wall Painters in Chennai with Number and Charges presents the list of Top 5 house painters in Chennai

  1. Touch my walls
  2. Public Painters
  3. Art Painting
  4. Paint Decors
  5. Spider Painting Service

The city of dreams, Chennai is known to be home to many people and a fast pace life. Chennai has the
highest number of millionaires and billionaires among all cities in India. It is home to three UNESCO World
Heritage Sites and a visit to the city is sure an experience that one never forgets due to its beautiful
architecture, art, and contemporary design. The perennial city is not only home to modern architecture
and design but also to traditional and art deco architecture. Designers follow both modern and traditional
design factors to satisfy the client’s requirements.

1. Touch my walls

Contact Details Of Touch my walls

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 128 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Touch my walls

Touch my walls is known for its unique approach, to architecture and interior design, which is a bespoke
and very intimate process of discovering each client’s personal style. Touch my walls is a multidisciplinary
design firm led by architects Zubin Zainuddin and Krupa Zubin. Over the past few years, this talented duo
has emerged as the Design firm of choice for most luxury residential projects and homeowners in
Chennai. The duo leads a team of over 60 Architects and Interior Designers who branch out into various
specialized departments and work with clients in cities across India and abroad. They have received a
plethora of awards and accolades that have been bestowed upon them by various leading Indian design

Services of Touch my walls 

  1. High rise painting
  2. Professional home painting services
  3. Charlie’s painting
  4. Home room painting
  5. Cupboard painting services
  6. Contract for painting services
  7. Office painting services
  8. Simple home painting
  9. Jr painting services

2. Public Painters

Contact Details Of Public Painters

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 101 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Public Painters

Public Painters is one of the oldest and most reputed interior design firms in the country. With over
50 years of experience, Public Painters as they are known in the industry are a full-service
interior design firm specializing in architecture, interior design among other things. Founded by Noshir
D. Talati in the year 1964, Public Painters has to their credit several high profile luxury residential and commercial projects. Their interior design team can work with homeowners and deliver a diverse and customized variety of design styles from contemporary to classic to modern and eclectic. Their work style is to work with their clients as partners, aiming to understand a client’s requirements and her individual desires and identity. The firm’s philosophy is “Distinction is in the detail”.

Services of Public Painters

  1. Victorian house painting
  2. Beautiful home painting
  3. Jb painting and decorating
  4. Stucco painting
  5. Whole house painting
  6. Premiere painting
  7. Domestic painting services
  8. Asian paints consultation
  9. Ali jee painting and decorating

3. Art Painting

Contact Details Of Art Painting

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 93 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Art Painting

Founded by Phiroza Neterwala and Sunu Aibara, the firm aims to create functional livable spaces that
are timelessly relevant. Founded by the two partners over three decades ago, these low profile interior
designers have constantly evolved their craft which is fuelled by their passion for travel and discovery.
Their interior design style is a modern distillation of design. They do that by blending the best of
contemporary style, functionality and sophistication with the final creation always reflecting the unique
personalities of their clients. The firm offers highly customized design solutions in interior design, spatial
planning and they even provide art consultation.

Services of Art Painting

  1. Sandblasting painting
  2. Best washable wall paint
  3. High rise painting
  4. Professional home painting services
  5. Charlie’s painting
  6. Home room painting
  7. Cupboard painting services

4. Paint Decors

Contact Details Of Paint Decors

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 44 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Paint Decors

An interior designer, an architect, a product designer and a true artist at heart, this young multi-talented Interior Designer has made a name for himself in interior design circles over the last two and a
half decades. Founded in 1995, Paint Decors has cemented its reputation as one of the leading interior design firms in India. The firm blends contemporary design with beautifully crafted details. The firm chiefly specialises in residential and hospitality design. Paint Decors works closely with each client to understand where they are coming from in terms of preferences and style to synthesize a unique solution that is coherent from a design point of view and is relevant to the person’s life. Highly ranked in India and abroad, Paint Decors’ vast portfolio encompasses a luxurious and tasteful design palette that is guaranteed to wow the luxury home buyer. Paint Decors was invited to represent India at the exhibition ‘Global Edit’ by Wallpaper magazine and Giorgio Armani in 2006 in Milan, Italy.

Services of Paint Decors

  1. House inner painting
  2. Furniture repainting services
  3. Hdb painting
  4. Interior house painting service
  5. Turnkey painting
  6. Painting and cleaning services
  7. Wood polishing
  8. One day painting service

5. Spider Painting Service

Contact Details Of Spider Painting Service

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 30 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Spider Painting Service

A relatively young but one of the fastest-growing interior design firms, reD has definitely earned its way
to the top. Paint Decors was established in the year 2004 by a team of design professionals who felt empowered to set up a design practice that would have a process-oriented approach towards design. Keeping the client’s goals and requirements on top the firm aimed to fulfil the client’s goals through the process of research. The firm is led by a group of highly motivated designers – Rajiv Parekh, Ekta Parekh, Apurva Shroff and Maithali Raut. Not one to fall for fads and quick trends, the firm aims to create a rather
deeper meaning when it comes to its projects. The prime motto of the firm is to carefully research
and study a client’s taste and create a space accordingly.

Services of Spider Painting Service

  1. Roof painting services
  2. Joshua’s painting service
  3. Asian paints beautiful homes service
  4. Victorian house painting
  5. Beautiful home painting
  6. Jb painting and decorating
  7. Stucco painting

Know the cost of house painters in Chennai  

We all want to sit in a house filled with vibrant colours that radiate happiness. Painting is necessary for every family to keep the walls from becoming weak; therefore, it is recommended that the walls be painted every two years to make them shine brighter than ever before. However, especially in cities like Chennai, the challenge is determining its pricing. Before attempting to paint their home, many people question the expense.

To address this issue, we’ve compiled a list of resources that can assist you in determining the cost of painting in Chennai. 

So why wait? 

Let us quickly dive into the topic.

Types of Paint and its cost 

There are mainly three major types of paint that can be effective and create a lasting impact on your house that can shine and create a vibrant ambience. The three main types of paint are: 

  • Distemper paint 
  • Emulsion paint
  • Texture paint 

According to the reports of Livespace the cost of these major paints are as follows: 

  • Distemper Paint is usually charged from rupees 8 per sq. ft
  • The most common, Emulsion paint is charged rupees 12 per sq. ft 
  • And finally, texture paint can cost upto rupees 80 per sq. ft, the costliest comparatively from the above mentioned types. 

The price of these paint types indicates that the overall cost of painting the house can solely depend on which type one would desire to choose for their home walls. 

Choose one colour and make it cost effective 

The overall cost of painting the house is also determined by the numbers of colours one chooses to paint. It is not a bad idea to colourize the house with varieties, but it is preferred to stick to one colour as it will most probably give out a good finish with cost effective price. According to Livespace, the cost of colour painting may cost up to 20 rs per sq. ft.

The cheapest of all paint is distemper and it is advised to use the paint type to brighten your house with less charges. Therefore, if one is looking for a budget friendly paint service, then it is advisable to go for distemper, which may cost you in the range of 8000 rs per 1000 sq. ft. rest assured that the quality of the painting will be excellent in its most pristine form, and yes, the quality also highly depends on the contractors as well. Always aim for the best and hire professional house painters in Chennai with a massive experience in this field. 


Painting homes can be cost-effective if thorough research is done on the combinations of paints, the labour charges and the types. In a city like Chennai, the costs can range up to both lesser as well as higher. It always depends on the right choice one makes while planning to paint the four walls of the house.

Hopefully, the article may have helped you to decide the best. 

Good Luck!

6 questions to ask your House painting contractor

If you decide to paint your house, the next step is to find good house painters in Chennai, so you can convert your expectations into reality through the help of professionals. Below are some common questions that will be clear your doubts regarding wall painter services available in your city.

Can I use my paint?

Of course, you can use it. But it will be a clever choice to include wall paints along with painting contact because it will cost you less.

Even after getting discounts on the paint, you will buy from the store, the painting contractor will get the same quality of paints in less price by contractor pricing.

Should I pay advance money before the painting starts?

In the case of residential painting, the answer is no. You don’t need to pay any upfront fee before the work starts. You can pay for the material and paint on the first day of the work.

Pay the full amount when the job gets completed. There may be a dispute in the future if the painting contractor left the painting project in between but you already paid for it.

How I can determine a legit painting contractor?

You can ask for references. Try to find out their previous work that is similar to what you have to do for your project.

Analyze the performance and efficiency of previous gigs to make a better comparison. You can check their previous clients painting quotations too.

What will be included in painting estimates?

A quick consultation is needed beforehand. The painting contractor will view the site to know the condition of the walls and discuss the rough idea for the project.

It is necessary to create the outline of the project by discussing the areas of concern, deadline of the project, color paints – textures and colors, payment, terms and conditions, and any other query of yours.

Do you provide a warranty for painting wall services?

We provide 3 to 5 years of workmanship warranty for all our painting projects. The warranty period varies for each project depending on the type of coating and substrate.

Some substrates can lose coating easily as compared to others. Thus, you can ask for free touch-ups and maintenance services within the warranty period.

Should I trust the online reviews of painting companies?

Online reviews tell a lot about the painting company’s quality. If there are a lot of reviews, it shows that the contractor has worked with multiple clients and is well-known.

But if you see a lot of positive reviews without a single negative comment. It creates questions about the credibility of their services.

Try to read critical comments too. It shows the areas in which the contractor lacks expertise.

Many times, clients are not fully aware of the terms and conditions of the contract. So, they leave a bad

Overall, as a customer, you have to analyze the pattern of the comments and consider if the review looks genuine.

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