Top 5 Wall Painters in Kolkata with Number and Charges presents the list of Top 5 house painters in Kolkata

  1. Colourline Home Paints
  2. SprayMySpace
  3. Rainbow Kolors
  4. Easy Home Paints 
  5. Purple Interior House Pvt Ltd

Painters are the most important people on the earth. The reward of creating visually appealing artwork that others can admire gives the painter a sense of pride and happiness in the work which helps boost self-esteem and inspire people to reach new levels of skill. If we describe a painter in one sentence then it will be ‘A wild swirl of all existing colours. 

In today’s context, wall paintings serve different purposes. Not only do they bring art into public space but in our house also. And in Kolkata, one can find wall paintings around different parts of the city.

The most famous house painters in Kolkata are: –

1. Colourline Home Paints

Contact Details Of Colourline Home Paints

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 73 Google Reviews, 4.4 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Colourline Home Paints

Colourline Home Paints are near Gandhinagar colony, Tollygunge, Kolkata. They have a very helpful and supportive staff. They also provide artistic paint service. They have highly skilled and trained house painters in Kolkata to serve their customers’ needs. They also provide a free consultation. It is the best professional house painting service in Kolkata.

Services of Colourline Home Paints

  1. Inner wall painting
  2. Cleaning and painting services
  3. Roof painting services
  4. Joshua’s painting service
  5. Asian paints beautiful homes service
  6. Victorian house painting

2. SprayMySpace

Contact Details Of SprayMySpace

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 123 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About SprayMySpace

SprayMySpace they are on Bose Road, beside the Sandroni fire station, near the Tollygunge area, Kolkata. They have 5+ years in business. They provide very clean work, within a good budget. The owner of the house painters in Kolkata is professional and quotes very competitive prices.

Services of SprayMySpace

  1. Furniture painting
  2. Residential painting
  3. Industrial painting
  4. Painting restoration
  5. House painting services
  6. Wallpaper services
  7. Villa painting services

3. Rainbow Kolors

Contact Details Of Rainbow Kolors

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 37 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Rainbow Kolors

Rainbow Kolors are wall painters, house paintings Near Secant Nagar, Sector IV, Bidhanagar, Kolkata. There is paint service done within an assured time with work accuracy. They also take commercial and house painting contracts. They are working for several years, slowly building a name for themselves as an Efficient and diligent local house painting and commercial exterior painting contractor. At Rainbow Kolors they pride themselves on a meticulous approach to achieve outstanding painting outcomes that withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

Services of Rainbow Kolors

  1. Milton painting
  2. Domestic painting
  3. Dulux home painting services
  4. Painting new build walls
  5. Asian paints colour service
  6. Internal wall painting

4. Easy Home Paints 

Contact Details Of Easy Home Paints

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 31 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Easy Home Paints

The other one is Easy Home Paints They are on Mayurbhanj road, Naptani Bagan, Momipore, Kolkata. They provide the best home painting service. They have a very affordable rate and workers are friendly. They have the best home painters in Kolkata. They are very professional and punctual.

Services of Easy Home Paints

  1. Roof painting services
  2. Joshua’s painting service
  3. Asian paints beautiful homes service
  4. Victorian house painting
  5. Beautiful home painting
  6. Jb painting and decorating

5. Purple Interior House Pvt Ltd

Contact Details Of Purple Interior House Pvt Ltd

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 45 Google Reviews, 4.4 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Purple Interior House Pvt Ltd

Purple Interior House Pvt Ltd they are near Yubaksangha, Manikpur, Kolkata. They have more than 33 years of experience in this field. They delivered quality work. They usually complete their work in a given time. The owner is very hardworking, always keen to work in any environment. These are some established wall painters in Kolkata.

Services of Purple Interior House Pvt Ltd

  1. Hdb painting
  2. Interior house painting service
  3. Turnkey painting
  4. Painting and cleaning services
  5. Wood polishing
  6. One day painting service
  7. Sandblasting painting

A picture or design is painted either directly or plastered on walls and ceilings or on canvas, paper, or some other material that is attached to an architectural surface. Painting helps build strong mental health at every age. The main character from which each colour presents differently, A painter is someone who paints his feelings, creativity, thoughts, imagination. It does not matter whether it is only a canvas painter, it can be any painter who paints our home, walls also paint their emotions, creativity in our home to make them beautiful for us. A painter is none other, but a silent poet. A colourful soul but a silhouette.

Estimated Cost of House Painters in Kolkata

When a family moves into a new home, they usually have the interiors completed. They don’t change it unless it’s in desperate need of repair. Painting, on the other hand, is an activity that should be done every couple of years. Painting your home not only gives it a new aesthetic, but it also helps to maintain the walls. Painting your house not only protects it but also beautifies it; provides the home décor a personalized taste and theme.    

House painting in Kolkata is something that can be differentiated into painting the house interiorly or exteriorly. As Kolkata doesn’t have the concept of many high-rise apartments, painting the house would encompass both- the interiors as well as the exteriors of the house.                

Many options are available – be it big companies like Asian paints, Berger paints, etc. or mid to small-sized companies or vendors.

There are many factors to be considered while painting the house.

1. Interior Vs Exterior

What is the nature of the painted surface? When determining the cost of painting a house per square foot, this is the most significant question to answer. Painting the exterior of a house is less expensive than painting the interior. But it can be more gruesome than painting the interior of the house.

Interior painting cost varies from Rs. 12-15 per sq. ft to Rs 35-40 per sq. ft.

Exterior Painting Cost varies from Rs 13-16 per sq. ft. + labour charges.

2. Type of Paint

The most obvious aspect determining the painting cost per square foot is the type of paint used. The prices of several types of paints are clearly differentiated. The cheapest and least durable distemper paints are water-soluble distemper paints, which also have a strong odour.

The price of emulsion paint varies greatly based on the numerous finishes available, such as matte, glossy, pearl, and so on. The most expensive option is texture paint cost per square foot, and it’s mostly utilised for accent walls.

Price for Distemper: From ₹8 per sq. ft.

Pricing of Emulsion: From ₹12 per sq. ft.

Cost of Texture Paint: From ₹80 per sq. ft.

Do check with your local contractors and branded services to compare prices!

3. Number of colours

When you paint all of the rooms in your house with a single colour, the cost of painting a house per square foot in India or more precisely Kolkata – is generally lower than when you use various colours. This is due to simple economies of scale. The more colours you utilise, the more expensive your painting will be.

The cost of painting a darker colour for your walls is more, whilst light colours are less expensive to paint.

Single-colour painting starts at Rs.20 per square foot.

4. Cost of labour

The labour cost for painting varies depending upon the locality, it being more in posh localities. The cost of painting a house is greater per square foot for exterior painting and textured paints.

5. Putty

You must also factor in the cost of putty when estimating the cost of painting a house per square foot. When calculating the cost of painting a house per square foot, you must also consider the cost of putty.

Painting the house can prove to be a task. But with proper choices and correct selections, it can be less cumbersome.

FAQs About Wall Painters

When it comes to interior decorations, home improvements and wall painting clients would love to know about the services painting contractors offer and what are benefits they stand to gain. Besides, most clients are inquisitive to understand how well your services would suit their needs while hoping to have a well-painted wall.

Typically there are different exhaustive frequently asked questions painters are asked when dealing with their clients, understanding the questions and providing the perfect answers to these questions sets you ahead of your competitors. Meanwhile, the questions are often asked to help determine which of the contractors are best suited for the job and also the mode of services offered by the contractor.

Answers provided by the contractors to the valid and essential questions asked by the clients should conform with the acquired experience.

Meanwhile, as a client hoping to hire the right painter for your home in Kolkata, understanding your painting criteria, the right paint type and overview knowledge of painting would position you to ask the right question.

Why Is It Important To Ask Your Paint Contractors Questions?

It is a great idea to ask essential questions regarding the painting activities that would be done in your home, by any painting contractor. The answer to these questions would also guide you better and will show the painter that you are on top of your game. More so, it would show how well you communicate and understand the necessary details of the painting job in your home.

Some Important Faqs For Your Painting Contractor

Now that you have a list of contractors to work with, or you have finally chosen your preferred painter, it is time to ask relevant questions. The next sections would highlight a list of important questions that should be asked of a wall painter.

Are You A Licenced Painter?

This question would help you understand if the painter has all the requirements highlighted by the painting body or the government of the country. It would also give you an insight into how qualified the contractor is.

Can I Leave My Apartment While The Painting Work Is Ongoing?

You would be able to understand the necessary security caution that would be implemented if you leave your home in the hands of the painting contractor. More so, the painter should be able to give you a convincing answer.

For How Long Would It Take For The Job To Be Completed?

An answer to the question would give you an overall idea of how many days it would take the painting crew to finish your painting job and hand over your keys.

Why Should I Hire You As My Painter?

This is the best time for the painter to convince you about how they intend to get the painting job done, what you should expect and the benefits of hiring them for your painting needs. If a painter cannot boldly justify why you should hire them, then it would be best you sought another contractor.

What Type Of Brand Paint Do You Make Use Of?

As the clients, this question would give you a broad understanding of the top brands out there, the reason why the contractor chose a specific paint brand and why it either suits your home or doesn’t suit it.

Do You Have Any Health And Safety Plans In Place?

Here you would understand if the painter is professional and takes safety as a priority when carrying out any painting activity.

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