Top 5 Carpentry Services In Kolkata With Number And Charges offering a list of the top 5 carpenters in Kolkata of 2024 with phone numbers, addresses, reviews and charges.

Top 5 carpenters in KolkataNumberGoogle ReviewsAddressCharges
Jiten Sharma carpenter830208909037 ReviewsDirectionsFree Quote
Modular furniture and kitchen902405877063 ReviewsDirectionsFree Quote
Mz Carpenter935828649617 ReviewsDirectionsFree Quote
D.D. Enterprise797604724411 ReviewsDirectionsFree Quote
FurnitureMakers97997249475 ReviewsDirectionsFree Quote
Top 5 carpenters in Kolkata contact details

The following carpenters in Kolkata or furniture shops provide top professional carpentry services in Kolkata.

1. Jiten Sharma carpenter

Contact Details Of Jiten Sharma carpenter

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 37 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Jiten Sharma carpenter

Jiten Sharma carpenter in Kolkata has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers in India. The supplier company is located in Kolkata, West Bengal is one of the leading sellers of listed products like Wooden & Steel Almirah, Wooden Chair, Dining Table, Computer Table, Bed, Sofa etc. Jiten Sharma carpenter manages a selection of products required by its customers and works to keep its stock in an updated and rich state.

Services of Jiten Sharma carpenter

2. Modular furniture and kitchen

Contact Details Of Modular furniture and kitchen

Phone Number: 9024058770

Reviews: 63 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Modular furniture and kitchen

Modular furniture and kitchen are easy for first-time visitors in locating the establishment. It is known to provide top service in carpentry. It is known to satisfactorily cater to the demands of its customer base.

Customer centricity is at the core of Modular furniture and kitchen and that has led the business to build long term relationships. This business has a wide range of product offerings and the product /catalogue list includes Banquet furniture etc.

Services of Modular furniture and kitchen

3. Mz Carpenter

Contact Details Of Mz Carpenter

Phone Number: 9358286496

Reviews: 17 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Mz Carpenter

Mz Carpenter is known for Carpenters, Painting Contractors, False Ceiling Contractors, Carpentry Contractors, Interior decorators for office, Interior decorators for residences, Tiling Contractors, Imported furniture repair & services and much more. The staff at this establishment are courteous and prompt
by providing any assistance.

Services of Mz Carpenter

4. D.D. Enterprise

Contact Details Of D.D. Enterprise

Phone Number: 7976047244

Reviews: 11 Google Reviews, 4.3 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About D.D. Enterprise

D.D. Enterprise has its place in the list of building and construction. The organization’s special services are a construction company, construction work, interior design, interior decoration and repair, cosmetic repairs, architectural models, waterproofing work, Architecture and structural engineering, sale and installation of ceilings. D.D. Enterprise is known for Carpenters, Painting Contractors, False Ceiling Contractors, Waterproofing contractors, Sofa manufacturers, Construction Contractors, Wooden furniture manufacturers, Sofa cum bed manufacturers and much more.

Services of D.D. Enterprise

5. FurnitureMakers

Contact Details Of FurnitureMakers

Phone Number: 9799724947

Reviews: 5 Google Reviews, 4.4 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About FurnitureMakers

FurnitureMakers is one of the leading businesses in interior design. It is also known for interior designers, interior decorators, False ceiling Contractors, Modular Kitchen Dealers, Furniture manufacturers and many more.

Services of FurnitureMakers

Introductions to the carpenters

Carpenters are more than just workers. They are artists themselves. And if you need a carpenter for your job, make sure you hire one with an eye for detail and an excellent track record of craftsmanship because you do not want to take chance with your door or window or your idea of a fascinating coffee table.

Carpentry is a skilled trade and a craft in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaking and installation of building materials during the construction of buildings, ships, timber bridges, concrete framework etc.

A carpenter begins as an apprentice, then becomes a journeyman and with enough experience and competency can eventually attain the status of a master carpenter.

A master carpenter makes an average of dollar 35000 -80000 per year depending on location, job type and skill.

A furniture carpenter is known as a woodworker in the industry, although some may initially train as general carpenters and later specialize in constructing a home or office furnishings. Woodworkers create handcrafted furniture using traditional hand tools and computerized numerical controlled (CNC) machinery.

Professional Carpentry services include making the furniture, creating wood floors, making wooden cupboards, kitchen wood cabinets, wooden staircase, doors etc. They can assist right from planning space in the right way to executing the furniture. They will measure the space that is available and will provide the right solution for space issues.

There are different types of carpentry work.

Rough Carpentry: Rough Carpentry specialize in planning, building and maintaining structures of building rather than home use additions like cabinets or shelving units.

Joister Carpentry: Joister installs floor joists. Floor joists are horizontal boards that are connected to the frame structure of the building.

Trim Carpentry: Trim Carpentry includes highly refined details, there is a degree of artfulness to trim carpentry services.

Ship Carpentry: Ship carpenters build and repair boats, according to blueprints and client specifications.

Cabinet Carpentry: Cabinet carpenter is a craftsman specializing in the making of fine furniture.

Framing Carpentry: Framing Carpentry install and erect structural building frames, doors, windows and interior fixtures such as cabinetry.

Roofer carpentry: A roofer is a trade person who specializes in roof construction. Roofers replace and install the roofs of buildings, using a variety of materials including shingles, bitumen and metal. Roofing work involves heavy lifting as well as climbing, bending and kneeling, often in extreme weather conditions.

Are You Looking For Carpenters In Kolkata? Check The Prices First

Carpentry services are a crucial part of the workflow in Kolkata’s fast-paced and ever-growing metropolitan city. This article will talk about carpentry, carpenter services, and the charges for carpentry services in Kolkata, India.

Why choose carpentry services?

Hiring professional carpenters in a city like Kolkata gives you the freedom to design your workspace, office furniture, or home furniture according to you. However, the professional services charge you for the expertise and the precision they provide through delivering in the promised delivery time.

In the significant parts of Kolkata, you’ll be charged for both hourly labour charges and a lump sum payment on the delivery of your work. They also charge you for the material and some transportation charges incurred till the completion, which are liable to be paid by the customers.

Professional carpentry services come with years of expertise and well-equipped tools from modern tech to get your traditional job done half the time. They are also reliable and trustworthy due to their doorstep services with lesser damage to the area they use.

How much does carpentry services charge in Kolkata?

Carpentry services in Kolkata charge anywhere from ₹1000 to ₹5000 for repair work in Kolkata. The range is subject to changes when there’s a bulk of work.

Some carpentry services, both solo and agencies can also charge you for work done per square foot, which usually happens when you give them bulk-based work like offices or bungalows.

At times, the pricing is also determined at the time of inspection of the space.

Finding dependable carpenters is a task, but you could ask for referrals from friends and family who recently got some work done. Besides, you could also check online for reasonable prices and book package repairs or making.

When does one need carpentry services?

In a city setting, one can require carpentry services from establishing your office to customizing your cupboard and desk or even getting ergonomic modular kitchens. Carpentry comes into play when making these from scratch to calling in any repair work regarding any setting.

Why spend more and hire professionals instead of local carpentry services?

It is wise to get your carpentry done by professionals, even for spending more. When you get the job done by a set of professionals, your end-product is delivered with a sleek and cutting-edge quality that requires lesser maintenance. These professionals will also help you choose the best material in the market and design according to your will. This way, you have one less thing to worry about, from starting the work to getting the final product in hand. They also assure you to have your place less messed up and handle your product/furniture professionally.

Therefore, Carpentry services in Kolkata are worth spending an extra dime for if you wish to save some time and get your work done professionally with higher precision and quality.

The charges of carpentry in Kolkata are priced appropriately for their services in a selected timeframe with utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions about carpenters

Do I need to book a carpenter service online?

Yes. You do. To keep up with the fastest moving lifestyle, you need to make sure that you get the best carpenter service for yourself.

Why do I need such a service online instead of availing service from my own locality instantly?

In most cases, it is found that your local carpenters are not skilled or efficient and lack terribly in time management. Availing of carpentry services online means you will be getting an expert who works as per your requirement and at your convenience.

Can I book a skilled carpenter near me?

Of course, you can. There are dozens of professional carpentry service providers online in your city

How can I book their service?

Once you narrow down the professional vendor for the job, you must create an account on their website and share details with them. They will contact you as soon as possible to know about your requirements. 

Do I have to pay online to avail such a service?

You are required to pay online a minimal fee to book the date for yourself. First, the service partner goes through your requirements, understands your work, and submits a quotation, and then after your approval, the work proceeds

How can I rely on your carpentry service?

– Since it is a matter of reputation, no service provider company will hire any carpenter without skill, knowledge, and valid credentials. So, rest assured.

I have changed my mind about my requirement and I need to cancel the service. How do I do it?

– You can cancel your request any time by visiting the My Order section in your account.

Can I change the date of the appointment?

You can always adjust the date as per your availability.

I want to share feedback. How do I do it?

You can log in to your account and browse the order section. Choose the particular order to share your experience with the team. They will get back to you asap.

Service-Related Query

I want to make a wooden bed. Can they do it?

Of course, they can. If you have the materials, carpenters can make a bed of your choice. But if you do not have the materials, you must check with the service provider and consult with them beforehand.

I need to change the lock of my door as soon as possible. Can they do it?

Providing fast and hassle-free service is the most important thing for them. Some of the carpentry service providers can replace your door lock within a few hours of order placement.

Can the carpenter perform multiple jobs in one visit?

Once you share the details of your job with them, they will make sure to provide you with the best solutions in one visit.

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