Top 5 Wall Painters in faridabad with Number and Charges presents the list of Top 5 House Painter Services in Faridabad

  1. Hariomm Painter
  2. Online Painter your Home
  3. Global India Services
  4. Paints & POP Contractor – Lokesh Sharma
  5. BPTP House 

Home painting services may appear simple when you don’t know how, but they might be more tricky to obtain once you do. We always made our house with four walls and beams, but we can develop a home with our love and dreams. Your favourite and best wall painting contribute to a sense of well-being at home when your friends or relatives visit.

A painting contractor or painting service close to your home may not do your choice justice. We carefully choose the top five home painters or home painting services in Faridabad for you. Many painting companies or house painters nowadays provide significant activity to their consumers, such as colour consulting, professional home painters, and a cost-effective pricing strategy. All designated painting companies or contractors have the best credit ratings and a sturdy base of client satisfaction.

Here Are the Full Details Of Top 5 Wall Painter in Faridabad.

1. Hariomm Painter

Contact Details Of Hariomm Painter

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 87 Google Reviews, 4.7 out of 5

About Hariomm Painter

Paint ur homes are the leading home painting service in Faridabad. Paint ur homes provide a stress-free service in which their staff transforms your house into a home. They offer a valid warranty and a choice of high-quality paints in over 2,000 colours. Paint ur home presents you with a list of house painters in artistic wall painting. They provide a complementary colour consultation. Customers can book painting services through their website.

Paint ur homes present many professional home painting services, entailing interior and exterior painting. The company provides top-quality painting services in Faridabad at affordable prices.

Services of Paint ur homes

  1. Expert painting
  2. Asian paints home service
  3. Interior painting services
  4. Nippon painting service
  5. Simple house painting
  6. Commercial interior painting

2. Online Painter your Home

Contact Details Of Online Painter your Home

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 71 Google Reviews, 3.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Online Painter your Home

Online Painter your Home is a responsive home painting service company that provide end-to-end execution, timely completion, and a one-year project warranty. Online Painter your Home wall painters are available near you in Faridabad for their exceptional services. This painting company provides personalized design and colour combination help for their living space.

Services of Online Painter your Home

  1. Nick’s painting
  2. New home painting
  3. Custom house painting
  4. Wood painter near me
  5. Residential house painting
  6. Asian paints painting service
  7. Service painting

3. Global India Services

Contact Details Of Global India Services

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 26 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Global India Services

Global India Services is a 15-year-old painting company in Faridabad that has earned competence in a wide range of painting services over the years. With over 3,00,000 satisfied clients, they are one of Faridabad’s enormous home painting services. Global India Services delivers every job on time with a one-year service warranty, and they are also present in Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Several clients are happy with Global India Services and its friendly approach. Customers recommend Global India Services to their friends and relatives for value for money and exceptional work.

Services of Global India Services

  1. Leo’s painting
  2. Nerolac painting service
  3. Pro painting services
  4. Asian paints safe painting service
  5. Berger paints painting service
  6. Exterior house painting services
  7. Safe painting service

4. Paints & POP Contractor – Lokesh Sharma

Contact Details Of Paints & POP Contractor – Lokesh Sharma

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 27 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Paints & POP Contractor – Lokesh Sharma

Paints & POP Contractor – Lokesh Sharma provide painting services for your home. The Painting Contractor strives to ensure that the best home painters have a safe and enjoyable experience. Their priority is the safety and protection of the entire family. They have a USP as, after the painting service, they carry out complete site disinfection. 

Services of Paints & POP Contractor – Lokesh Sharma

  1. Kevin’s painting
  2. Berger painting service
  3. Inside painting
  4. Professional exterior painting
  5. Door wall painting
  6. Wallpaper removal and painting

5. BPTP House 

Contact Details Of BPTP House

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 59 Google Reviews, 4.1 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About BPTP House

If you are looking for the best wall painter in Faridabad, BPTP House is the most reliable choice. BPTP House option is easy and less costly as they add style and delightful colour combination to your bungalow. BPTP House in Faridabad maintains the best wall painters and admirable quality. BPTP House has the proud experience to handle every interior and exterior house painting project.

Services of BPTP House

  1. Charlie’s painting
  2. Home room painting
  3. Cupboard painting services
  4. Contract for painting services
  5. Office painting services
  6. Simple home painting
  7. Jr painting services

With these five selected companies, you can now win home painting services in Faridabad easier and faster.

House Painting in Faridabad Cost

Painting your house and giving it a real feel at an affordable price is what people look for. In a city like Faridabad people usually go for revamping the house with a touchup of colour. But finding out the appropriate price for painting your house is a tedious task. So we are hereby to make your task easy and simplified by letting you know the cost of painting in a city “Faridabad”.

The cost of Painting a home depends on various factors like which brand paints you are using, based on labour, whether it’s interior painting, exterior painting or both etc. Basically, House Painting costs can be divided into two parts: material costs and labour charges.

The prices of painting the house in Faridabad depends on the above factors. For example, The cost for painting a 1,000 sq. ft. house depends on the various raw materials and labour we use. It would cost around 5000 for painting a 1000 sq. ft house. The raw material required for the same is good quality paint, white putty, sandpaper, colour strainer, labour. Then labour cost usually depends on skilled and helper for example 2 to 3 years experienced painter will charge around Rs. 500 to 600 per day while 4 to 8 years experienced painter will charge around Rs. 600 to 800 per day.

On the other hand, different paint costs different prices as Berger Wall Guard will cost around Rs. 18 per sq. ft for the outside paint. While Asian paints will be around 10% higher of the same quality. While the inside paint will cost an average price of Rs.16.

The overall cost of painting 2000, 1500, 1600 sq. ft. house depends on several factors including:

  • Total area to be painted
  • Location
  • Product Used

But usually its Rs. 104-156 per square foot excluding doors, ceilings and moldings. So painting cost for 2000, 1500, 1300, 1600 square feet will be Rs.2,08,000, 1,56,000, Rs.1,35,200.

The Prices usually depends on various ranges of colours as Tractor Emulsion costs Rs. 8 per sq. ft, Premium Emulsion Rs. 12 sq. ft, Royale Luxury Rs. 16 per sq. ft, Royal Matt Rs.18 per sq. ft, Royal Shyne Rs. 18 per sq. ft, Royal Atmos Rs 22 per sq. ft, Royal Aspira Rs 22 sq. ft. Primer cost Rs 3 per sq. ft and Putty Rs 5 per sq. ft.

House painting Services in Faridabad is done for multiple purposes – new construction, rental painting, re-painting etc. The cost of house painting in Faridabad a new house generally depends on the square feet area. The minimum cost for painting interiors starts from 8 INR and goes up to 250 INR depending on various factors like colour, designs etc. The exterior cost is usually higher than the interior cost for example to paint a 2000 sq. ft. house, it will cost between 16000 INR to 5 lac INR. The House cost depends also on various service providers as well lie urban companies, Aapka painter, Paintmywalls etc. So give your home a real touch by estimating all the factors and setting your budget accordingly.

FAQs About Wall Painters

How to choose the right wall painter services?

It’s always best to ask questions and discuss your requirements beforehand. Clear communication will help you get the desired results. Also, look for reviews and testimonials to ensure the credibility of the wall painter. Compare a few service providers in your town to pick the best one. Avoid being in a hurry to hire someone just to get the job done quickly. 

When should I paint my walls?

You may see some visual signs where walls have started to look dull and dark. In some areas, the paint may start scrapping due to moisture and heat. Ideally, your house should be repainted every three to five years. Besides, if you wish to improve the visual appeal with new colours, you may decide to paint it even sooner. A good paint job will also improve the overall appeal of the house and prevent moisture from building in the walls.

How do I know a wall painter is good?

Every professional contractor comes with a skilled team that is good at communication. You will see they prepare for the job well with the right uniform, safety equipment, masks, and being on time. This shows their dedication towards work and ensures the job will get done in time.

How long does it take to complete the painting job?

It depends on the surface area of the walls. The painting job may take anywhere between three to five days. Painting the exteriors may take seven to ten days, again depending upon the surface area of the building. A professional painter will ensure that the job is impeccably done without any delays.

How long will the interior and exterior paint job last?

The type of paint you choose for your home is a determining factor here. Ideally, you should pick long-wearing paints that are resistant to chips and stains. Besides, choose all weatherproof paints for the exterior walls to make them last longer. Overall, a good paint job can last anywhere between seven to eight years. 

What should we include in the painting contract?

This legal contract should have the client and wall painter’s name and other information. It should include the work details, the area to be painted, and any other requirements. Besides, it should have a description of tasks along with their expenditure. Lastly, include the cost of supplies and labour separately for the right estimate.

What’s the best way to get rid of paint fumes when it’s fresh?

After a fresh paint job, it is normal for your home to be full of paint fumes. We suggest opening windows for good ventilation around the house. You may keep baking soda in a container to absorb the fumes. Apart from this, fill a container with water and add some lemon wedges to absorb air solvents. Lighting a candle and using charcoal to absorb the smell may also work. Lastly, using masks is the best way to not inhale paint fumes directly when the painters are working.

Check out more faqs about house painters in Faridabad, Here

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