Top 5 pest Control Services in Faridabad with Number and Charges presents the list of Top 5 Pest Control Services in Faridabad

Top 5 Pest Control Faridabad (100% TRUSTED & VERIFIED)NumberReviewsAddress
Vidit Pest Control Services830208909087 ReviewsDirections
Sai Pest Control Service9024058770167 ReviewsDirections
Bharat Pest Control941368649691 ReviewsDirections
Specialist Pest Control Pvt. Ltd797604724465 ReviewsDirections
Uni Care Pest Control Service928974164640 reviews
Top 5 Pest Control in Faridabad and their contact details

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Since 2020, the globe is facing enormous challenges in combating covid-19. While scientists are still managing the formulation of vaccines for mutating coronavirus, it has become important for everyone to consider the highest level of sanitation everywhere. Be it in the household, in health care facilities, in commercial areas etc, cleanliness has always been a major concern. 

On one end hygiene is getting notability, while on the other pest control services gain importance in maintaining the proper sanitation of different areas. As pests present many threats through the spread of various bacteria and surface contamination, ensuring areas remain pest-free is a big challenge for pest control firms. Many cities are preparing themselves to make themselves pest-free, especially Faridabad. In Faridabad, exterminators have put in their best efforts to ensure that different areas must remain pest-free. 

Here Are the Full Details Of Top 5 Pest Control Services in Faridabad

1. Vidit Pest Control Services

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Contact Details Of Vidit Pest Control Services

Reviews: 87 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Vidit Pest Control Services

Vidit Pest Control Services provide services to control various termites, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, rodents etc. A strong presence has been achieved by these firms around the city. These pest control companies in Faridabad have left no stone unturned to make the city pest free.

Services of Vidit Pest Control Services

  1. Fly exterminator
  2. Cockroach exterminator cost
  3. Bug killer for plants
  4. Lawn insecticide
  5. Best outdoor mosquito killer
  6. Bayer pest control
  7. Anay treatment
  8. Bed bug control
  9. Grasshopper killer

2. Sai Pest Control Service

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902 405 8770

Contact Details Of Sai Pest Control Service

Reviews: 167 Google Reviews, 4.4 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Sai Pest Control Service

Sai Pest Control Service have adopted newer technology to ensure 100% achievement in controlling pests. In addition, they have proven themselves with their talent and skills to combat this menace. This has ensured the safety of all human beings.

Services of Sai Pest Control Service

  1. Mosquito treatment
  2. Bee pest control
  3. Mosquito infestation
  4. Scorpion pest control
  5. Best insect killer
  6. Cockroach pest control
  7. Termite insecticide

3. Bharat Pest Control

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Contact Details Of Bharat Pest Control

Reviews: 91 Google Reviews, 4.5 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Bharat Pest Control

Bharat Pest Control have gained a competitive edge over others because their services are well executed; the work is carried out with perfection, client-centred work, affordable prices, immediate response towards emergency services and a flexible approach.

Moreover, these services have procured control for treating pests in commercial areas and households but also agricultural areas. Agriculture escalation predominantly results in biodiversity loss leading to essential suggestions for pest control. 

Services of Bharat Pest Control

  1. German cockroach pest control
  2. Kill mosquitoes indoors
  3. Cutworm control
  4. Insecticide for drain flies
  5. Insecticide for aphids
  6. Pest company
  7. Rodent control services

4. Specialist Pest Control Pvt. Ltd

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797 604 7244

Contact Details Of Specialist Pest Control Pvt. Ltd

Reviews: 65 Google Reviews, 4.6 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Specialist Pest Control Pvt. Ltd

Specialist Pest Control Pvt. Ltd also carries a Material Safety Data Sheet for the substances about effective insect management. Keeping the view on containing the spread of coronavirus, Specialist Pest Control Pvt. Ltd also provides sanitizing facilities. All of the above, these firms are engaged in providing effective and efficient services for pest control. Therefore, they are very close to achieving the war against pests, making Faridabad a pest-free city.

Services of Specialist Pest Control Pvt. Ltd

  1. Pesticide control
  2. Residual insecticide
  3. Kill mosquitoes in house
  4. Plant insect killer
  5. Mosquito and fly killer
  6. Cockroach pesticide
  7. Rodent pest control

5. Uni Care Pest Control Service

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Contact Details Of Uni Care Pest Control Service

Reviews: 40 reviews, 4.9 out of 5

About Uni Care Pest Control Service

As far as chemicals are concerned in pest management, Uni Care Pest Control Service ensures that chemicals mustn’t harm the crop fields or the surfaces on which they are used. India is stepping towards ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ in which these firms have ensured using indigenous products in pest management.

Companies venturing into pest management services must take operational excellence, customer services, capabilities, safety, and innovations into consideration.

The pest management companies in the National Capital Region (NCR) are not less than any other pest management companies. People are being trained in Uni Care Pest Control Service to gain technical expertise in overcoming the challenges that are posed by pests. Even, they are provided with training in following certain guidelines regarding the use of substances. 

Services of Uni Care Pest Control Service

  1. Best insecticide for plants
  2. Termite proof wood
  3. Cockroach control services
  4. Spider pesticide
  5. Ant treatment for home
  6. Pest fumigation
  7. Green rat
  8. Termite control cost

What Are The Charges For Pest Control Services In Faridabad?

The prices mentioned below may vary for each and every city in India. But generally,

These Are The Charges For Pest Control Services In Faridabad

Treatment TypePrice Range for 1 BHK (in Rs.)Price Range for 2 BHK (in Rs.)Price Range for 3 BHK (in Rs.)Price Range for 4 BHK & 5 BHK (in Rs.)
Basic Treatment 500 – 600 750 – 850950 – 1150 1300 – 1500
Cockroach 550 – 750 850 – 950  1050-1150 1250 – 1350
Termite Control 900 – 1100 1150 – 12501500 – 1700 1900 – 2100
Ant Control1150 – 1250 1350 – 1450 1650 – 1850 2100 – 2300
Rodents 500 – 700 800 – 1000 1100 – 1300 1400 – 1600
Mosquito &  Flies550 – 750 850 – 950 1100 – 1300 1300 – 1500

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Pest Control Services 

Be it at your home or in your agricultural fields, pests must be kept at bay, to prevent the huge loss of valuables. Some causes damage to your possessions and others bring disease-causing germs to your house. No surprise many cause various types of allergies.

If you wonder, what type of services can be offered to you when you approach pest control companies, then this article is for you. Keep scrolling down to know the various Pest Control Services offered by pest control companies.

But before diving into the services, isn’t it necessary to know the varieties of pests and the different kinds of damage they provide to human health and their possessions? If you know well about the pests and their effects on us, then it will be easy for you to get the appropriate services for your home.

Pests vary from small ants to big rodents and racoons. They include insects, bugs, termites, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, fleas, wasps, rats, birds, reptiles etc., they have a tremendous effect on us. They damage our garden, some may eat up our clothes, some can be seen in our kitchen utensils, and some wander around at the night making weird noises. So below are the Pest Control Services that are suitable for your home and field.

Pest Control companies provide their services in various forms and try everything they can to remove the pests from your home and field. They use a wide range of physical, chemical, natural and biological traps to get rid of pests.

Some companies provide specific types of services whereas some companies are good at all types of pest control. Based on the type of pests, you want to expel you can choose the service. To name a few, Pest Control Services.

  • Termite control services
  • Insect control services
  • Rodents trap
  • Bugs removal
  • Flies catcher
  • Mosquito repellents
  • Chemical sterilisation of insects
  • Fumigation of pests
  • Insulation

To sum up, the common types of services your pest control companies provide are pest extermination for the already existing pests, pest control for the pests that are hard to expel and pest prevention for the future prevention of your home from pests. So, based on the utility you can opt for the service and the prices also differ based on the service you are getting.


FAQ On Pest Control Services

What is a pest control service?

Pest control service refers to a comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior parts of a home, followed by specific treatment to render homes clean and germ-free.

How dangerous can a pest be?

Pests are parasitic creatures looking for a space to thrive against weather extremities. They cause serious harm to homes and need to be eliminated without delay.

Why does pest control require a professional approach?

It is important to have clean homes for a healthy lifestyle. But pests cause a threat to our health and safety by attacking our valuable items like food and accessories. Pest control technicians are well trained to identify specific pest problems and treat them effectively. They know how to identify pest activity in order to find solutions, while taking care of their own safety. They also ensure continuity of room cleanliness from pests. In addition they provide good after sales services including free service visits for emergency situation.

Is pest control service required only for homes?

No, pest control service is also required for hospitals and public utilities like marketplaces, to protect people and valuable commodities from risk of pest infestation.

How much cost is incurred on pest control service?

Costs incurred on pest control depend on factors like location, property size etc.

What is a pest control spray made of?

Pest control spray is made of eco-friendly chemicals. Thus these are harmful only to the pests. Pest control sprays are made with the help of specialized gels. Such gels must be used in limited quantities only at areas like kitchen corners and other infestation-prone areas.

Do pest control technicians use safety aids?

Yes pest control technicians use masks and nitrile gloves to ensure no entry of spray liquid into their respiratory system.

Do home owners need regular pest control services?

Yes, recurring pest control service is required to keep pests out of home.

What steps homeowners must follow the day when a pest control technician visits the home?

Homeowners need to shift large appliances to increase available space, so that the pest control technician gets easy access to corners of the room where chances of pest attack are more.
One must cover home accessories in plastic wrapping and possibly store them in cabinets. In this way any chance of spillage of chemical is avoided.

How must one take care of home belongings on the day the pest control technician is appointed?

One must remove bedding, blankets etc. and cover them with plastic, before the bed room is inspected. Similarly, kitchen accessories like cutlery should be stored in cabinets, while countertops must be fully cleaned prior to scheduling a visit.

Is a pest control technician a licensed professional?

Yes, a pest control technician is formally trained. He knows how to trace pest entry points and identify areas prone to attack. He also knows exactly how much liquid should be sprayed on the target areas. Also, he can provide consultancy regarding long term pest attack prevention.

Wrap up:

Choose the best Pest Control Services that are suitable for your home and live pest free life. Your thoughts or suggestions or any further queries are most welcomed. Share the word in the comments below.

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