Top 5 Wall Painters in Delhi with Number and Charges presents the list of Top 5 house painters in Delhi

  1. Ajay House Painting Work
  2. Home Glazer
  3. Easy Painter
  4. Houseshine
  5. Houseart

Looking for the best house painters in Delhi or painting services to add colour to the mundane walls of your house?

From enhancing aesthetic values to attractive interior and exterior, many of us will agree that painting our house is a great way to refresh or update our home. Painting your house not only gives your place a fresh look but also promotes a healthy life by providing you with better air quality and other health benefits. Painting your home can be exciting but choosing the right services that will ensure the safety of your house and family can be a draining task.

We have got it all figured out by providing an extensive range of the best painters near your house. Check out the best painting services, contractors, and best house painters in Delhi below-

Here Are the Full Details Of Top 5 house painters in Delhi

1. Ajay House Painting Work

Contact Details Of Ajay House Painting Work

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 20 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Ajay House Painting Work

A trusted and top-rated house painter in Delhi with over 1000+ happy customers. Ajay House Painting Work is owned by a group of engineers with a vision to provide the best waterproofing and house painting services. They are experts in providing various services like wall texture painting, waterproof painting, metal painting, wood painting, and many more.

Services of Ajay House Painting Work

  1. Kiseki home painting
  2. Room painting service
  3. Prodigy painting
  4. Wood polishing services
  5. Wall small painting
  6. Painting renovation
  7. Nobroker painting

2. Home Glazer

Contact Details Of Home Glazer

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 132 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Home Glazer

With over 850+ happy customers, Home Glazer is a highly designed focused, and consumer-friendly interior design firm that came into existence in 2017. From wood to finish their customer testimonials are proof that they provide out-of-the-box ideas on a suitable budget.

Services of Home Glazer

  1. Normal house painting
  2. House inner painting
  3. Furniture repainting services
  4. Hdb painting
  5. Interior house painting service
  6. Turnkey painting
  7. Painting and cleaning services
  8. Wood polishing
  9. One day painting service
  10. Sandblasting painting

3. Easy Painter

Contact Details Of Easy Painter

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 71 Google Reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Easy Painter

A professional home painting company with affordable pricing. Easy Painter is an amazing painting company with experience of over 14 years. They are experts in various types of painting services like exterior painting, commercial painting, and residential painting.

Services of Easy Painter

  1. Joshua’s painting service
  2. Asian paints beautiful homes service
  3. Victorian house painting
  4. Beautiful home painting
  5. Jb painting and decorating
  6. Stucco painting
  7. Whole house painting
  8. Premiere painting
  9. Domestic painting services

4. Houseshine

Contact Details Of Houseshine

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 28 Google Reviews, 4.1 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Houseshine

From small-sized walls to large-scale commercial services. Houseshine brings you with best professional painting service within your budget. They are a team of wall painters catering to all your painting needs.

Services of Houseshine

  1. Ali jee painting and decorating
  2. Beeruva painting
  3. Nice house painting
  4. Spraying house paint
  5. Milton painting
  6. Domestic painting
  7. Dulux home painting services
  8. Painting new build walls

5. Houseart

Contact Details Of Houseart

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 87 Google Reviews, 4.6 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Houseart

Houseart is a professional house painters in Delhi and interior services startup. Offering professional Painting and Waterproofing Services to residential, commercial, industrial properties through different online platforms for more than 9+ years with highly skilled and experienced Manpower, We are experts in All Types of Waterproofing solutions, we are also providing other interior services like electrician, plumber, carpenter, air conditioning services.

Services of Houseart

  1. Cleaning and painting services
  2. Roof painting services
  3. Joshua’s painting service
  4. Asian paints beautiful homes service
  5. Victorian house painting
  6. Beautiful home painting
  7. Jb painting and decorating
  8. Stucco painting
  9. Whole house painting
  10. Premiere painting

During house painting, communication and clarity is the key. Any house painting job is not only a work of finishing touch but creating a comfortable environment and a pleasant aesthetic to inhabit for a long time. It requires a good amount of thought. Both parties should have a mutual understanding.

Know the estimated cost of house painters in Delhi

Are you going to paint your room to look amazing for the videos you above been shooting or going to paint just for the fun, whatever you searched for this and we popped up here? Just scroll down your fingers to get the answer you have been haunting for.

Make your room or home dazzling with amazing colours. Let everyone ask you about your new painting. Before we directly dive into House Painting in Delhi Cost, let’s get into some painting stuff you need to know before you start.

Errors you must avoid:

  1. Dry weather is the best time to paint. To let your painting dry easily otherwise humid climates just make it worse. So take your time and do not rush if you want to do it in the humid weather.
  2. Choose high-quality rollovers and paintbrushes. High-quality paint with low-quality brushes is the wrong combination.
  3. If you don’t want to end up with paint stains on your floors and furniture, spend some time covering them up properly before starting your work. Before knowing House Painting in Delhi Cost, there are a couple of things you should take care of.
  4. Oh, yeah, you should never forget to apply cement or sand to the scratched surfaces if there are any. Your wall must be smooth enough to paint.
  5. Make sure to use primers to look your walls glossy and eye-catchy.

Tips you must remember while choosing paint colours:

  1. Limit your colours to 3 to make it look subtle and blend.
  2. Prioritize what to highlight, your furniture or your walls?
  3. Match with the furniture and decor in your home.
  4. Make sure to test the paintings before painting the whole wall.
  5. Remember, your walls must coincide with the other rooms of the home to look attractive and neutral.

That’s all about the stuff you need to know before starting painting your home, let’s jump into House Painting in Delhi Cost.

House Painting in Delhi Cost:

The cost of the painting entirely depends on whether you are starting fresh or repainting and the quality and type of paint you want to use.

Type of the paintRepainting (In Rupee per .sq.ft)Fresh painting (In Rupee per .sq.ft)
Tractor emulsion8-1018-22
Premium emulsion12-1420-24
Royale luxury16-1830-32
Royale matt18-2032-34
Royale shyne20-2230-33
Royale atmos22-2433-35
Royale aspira20-2434-36

We have tried our best to gather authentic rates for you from reliable resources, there may be slight changes in the rates. Consider rechecking before you buy. If you want to know in detail about the types of paints, how do they differ? And a speciality of each painting. Do let us know in the comments below, we’ll try to come up with another article on this.

The wrap-up:

That’s all about a few painting tips and colours to choose and House Painting in Delhi Cost. Hoping you get to know some valuable information from our side and clear with what to paint and how to paint your next home.

We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions if you have any. Please make sure to share your words in the comments below.


This post reads about House Painting in Delhi Cost.

FAQs About Wall Painters

Painting a house’s exterior does a lot more than just making it look better. A proper paint job also protects the home by placing a preventative barrier against wind and water and other weather threats. With the time and financial investment involved in this home improvement project, care should be taken to make sure it is done correctly and with the best possible materials. Painting is also very important because it gives a special touch to our houses and make them beautiful and elegant.

Does your home need a fresh coat of paint?

If yes, it is important that you prepare well for the painting process. You might need to hire a professional painter or if you have the time and wouldn’t mind the smells and stains that come with paint, you can as well break the ladder out and do the job yourself. When people thinks about painting their home they came across many questions and they have many queries which I quite normal for them because they just want their house look best. Here are some frequently asked questions about house painters that people came

Why Should I Paint My Interior?

People paint their interior for any number of reasons. In fact, you don’t even really need a reason. If you want to paint your home just for the sake of painting your home – go for it. When it comes to renovating and rejuvenating your home, painting is one of the easiest and most cost friendly ways. And as long as it’s done right, painting can make your home look brand new.

How much will it cost??

Well it is one of the most frequent question that comes in mind. Cost is dependent on what the scope of work is, what the surface conditions are, what the desired color scheme is and how much materials will be needed. The best way to understand cost is to schedule a consultation where we get a
complete understanding of what your goals are and what will be required to complete the project

Can I still live here while you’re working?

In most cases it is possible for a homeowner to stay in their home while it is being painted. It can depend on the scope of work and how long the work will affect critical areas such as the kitchen or bathrooms. If all surfaces of the room are scheduled for paint, then that room will have to be sealed off until completed.

My walls are cracking. What can be done?

Walls are reconstructed with help of pop(player of paris). Plaster is applied over a wire lath or a thin layer of paper and it has the propensity to crack and fail.

Which paint brand is best?

There are a number of brands and grades on the market. But currently these are the top leaders in the market Asian paints, nerolac and dulux. All 3 provide a similar level of quality for what a typical homeowner needs. Each has different colour stories and that is was often leads a homeowner to choose one over the other.

How long can I expect my paint job to last?

Well it depends on how big is our house is and what condition is it in if there is no cracked
walls or any other trouble it will done in within a week.

Are there any rules for choosing colours?

There are a few basic rules:

Take into account the existing elements in the room that already has a
colour – furniture, a wood ceiling, brick fireplace etc.

The size of the room – darker colours tend to make a room look smaller

The amount of light in a room – a lighter or brighter colour can amplify the
amount of light

What the room will be used for – child’s room, office, bedroom

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