Top 5 Wall Painters in Pune with Number and Charges presents the list of Top 5 house painters in Pune

  1. Manoj Colours
  2. Royal Painting Home Solution
  3. Jay Hanuman Painting Services
  4. PaintOcraft 
  5. ColourDrive

Pune witnessed a large influx of people coming from different places for purposes like work or studies. And most of these people need a house, well-maintained and nice, where they can reside and feel at home. One of the reasons why you should take up a painting service for your house, even more, is if you rent your space out or sublet it, or rent it out for Airbnb. But house painting is not an easy task as it needs skills, strength, and expertise – services offered by painting contractors and companies. If you are in need of home painting services and constantly Googling ‘painting services near me, house painters near me etc,  then there are things you should consider before hiring one. First, learning the legibility of the business and their reviews besides affordability. Read this article to find out the best 5 home painting services in Pune.

Here Are the Full Details Of Top 5 Wall Painters in Pune

1. Manoj Colours

Contact Details Of Manoj Colours

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 179 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Manoj Colours

Manoj Colours first came into being in the year 2005 and ever since then it has been one of the pioneers in the painting business as well as home decor. They are present in almost all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bhopal etc. To date, they have completed over 5000 commercial, residential, and industrial painting projects in India. Here’s a breakdown of why you should pick house painters like this for your next wall job.

They are easy to book. They use laser-based measurements for absolute accuracy, offer cost estimation, and look for customer satisfaction upon completion of the job.

Services of Manoj Colours

  1. Door wall painting
  2. Roof painting services
  3. Joshua’s painting service
  4. Asian paints beautiful homes service
  5. Victorian house painting
  6. Beautiful home painting
  7. Jb painting and decorating
  8. Stucco painting

2. Royal Painting Home Solution

Contact Details Of Royal Painting Home Solution

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 151 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Royal Painting Home Solution

Professionals working under the Royal Painting Home Solution, a painting company, are all curated on the basis of their experience level and on-field expertise. By offering the very best professionals to do the job, you shall face no hassle at all. Those who book services only needed to sit back and relax. Some of the best reasons to choose this company over others are their affordable pricing, use of best quality paints and experienced professions. Besides that, you can enjoy great services like ‘book a site visit’, professionals offering your measurement and estimates, initiation of projects and even performing a thorough cleaning and quality check.

Services of Royal Painting Home Solution

  1. Prodigy painting
  2. Wood polishing services
  3. Wall small painting
  4. Painting renovation
  5. Paint the outside of my house
  6. Best painting services
  7. Nobroker painting

3. Jay Hanuman Painting Services

Contact Details Of Jay Hanuman Painting Services

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 129 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Jay Hanuman Painting Services

Jay Hanuman Painting Services is a painting contractor based out of Pune and is currently 12 years in a thriving business. They naturally have the richest experience in the field and understand what the customer needs the most, and do their best to cater to their satisfaction. They offer both home and office painting services as one of the best wall painters. To date, Jay Hanuman Painting Services has completed over 943 home services and is a fully verified business.

Services of Jay Hanuman Painting Services

  1. High rise painting
  2. Professional home painting services
  3. Charlie’s painting
  4. Home room painting
  5. Cupboard painting services
  6. Contract for painting services
  7. Office painting services
  8. Simple home painting

4. PaintOcraft 

Contact Details Of PaintOcraft 

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 65 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About PaintOcraft 

PaintOcraft is a Painting contractor located in Pune and has been in business for 16 years now offering exclusive services to their customers. To date, PaintOcraft has successfully finished over 1873 home projects and have been thriving in this business for 16 long years making it one of the best home painters, speaking for their excellence and experience. They reiterate that the secret to a long business is customer satisfaction. They offer special services besides house painting, like waterproofing services, wood polish, and even texture painting which is quite the rage these days. Now that you have the list of the top 5 service providers, make your pick and book your appointment without further delay.

Services of PaintOcraft 

  1. Victorian house painting
  2. Beautiful home painting
  3. Jb painting and decorating
  4. Stucco painting
  5. Whole house painting
  6. Premiere painting

5. ColourDrive

Contact Details Of ColourDrive

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 37 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About ColourDrive

Services of ColourDrive

  1. Milton painting
  2. Domestic painting
  3. Dulux home painting services
  4. Painting new build walls
  5. Asian paints colour service
  6. Internal wall painting

What is the Estimated Cost of house painters in Pune

Painting is an important part of the house. It allows creating a personal touch. House painting cost involves several costs like cost, putty, primer and labour. House painting is depending on per square foot. Per sq ft cost of painting is different. There are different types of painting and each type of painting is a per sq ft cost also different. major two types of painting interior painting and exterior painting.As per your choice you should prefer which type of painting you want to do.Because if you live in an apartment you may paint only walls. whereas if you live in your own villa then you paint exteriors also. Generally, the cost of exterior paint is lesser than the paint for the interior.

It may range between Rs 10 per sq ft and Rs 40 per sq ft, whereas the cost of interior paints varies between Rs 20 per sq ft and Rs 200 per sq ft. Also, while the exterior paint cost is relatively lower, applying it is more cumbersome and time-consuming due to the requirement of scaffolding and extensive levelling and sanding of the walls. The type of paint used can significantly affect the cost of painting your home. The following are the different types of paints.

Distemper paint

2 Emulsion paint

3 Enamel paint

4 Lustre paint

5 Lustre pain

1 Distemper paint: This is a cost-effective water-based paint.It is non-washable. The cost of distemper paint begins from Rs 10 per sq ft.

Emulsion paint: Such paint is water or oil-based. It dries off rapidly and gives an excellent finish. Emulsion paint provides exceptional durability and, to an extent, can be cleaned by washing with a cloth soaked in a detergent solution. Some of these paints have anti-fungal properties as well. These can be classified into plastic emulsion paint and acrylic emulsion paint.

The cost of emulsion paint depends on the type of finish required, such as glossy and matte, among others. It ranges from Rs 12 per sq ft to Rs 60 per sq ft.

3 Emulsion paint: Such paint is water or oil-based. It dries off rapidly and gives an excellent finish. Emulsion paint provides exceptional durability and, to an extent, can be cleaned by washing with a cloth soaked in a detergent solution. Some of these paints have anti-fungal properties as well. These can be classified into plastic emulsion paint and acrylic emulsion paint.

The cost of emulsion paint depends on the type of finish required, such as glossy and matte, among others. It ranges from Rs 12 per sq ft to Rs 60 per sq ft.

4 Texture paint: These types of paints are used on accent walls or show walls. Their application requires special tools, including knives, rollers, brushes and trowels, and materials such as putty to create a 3D texture. Generally, texture paints are voluminous and have a tactile feel. Texture paint is also the most expensive option, ranging from Rs 80 per sq ft to Rs 200 per sq ft.

Frequently Asked Questions About House Painters

What type of paints do you use and why?

A) We primarily use paints from Asian Paints, if you use to use another brand or company like Berger Paints, Kansai Nerolac or Shalimar Paints, we can get estimates of the same for you.

Do you use oil-based paints? What is the key difference between oil-based and water-based paints?

A) Oil-based paints have been phased out of the market for architectural applicants. This is because of the need to have less solvent and less volatile organic compounds. The advantages of oil paints are that they give a smooth finish, resistance to moisture and durability. The disadvantages include the fact that they become brittle as they age and crack and peel, they develop mildew on exteriors and moisture-prone surfaces. Water-based also known as latex and acrylic paints can resist moisture, mildew, colour fastness and block resistance (the ability to avoid sticking to objects kept on the surface).

How many coats are included in your quotation?

A)We apply two coats for the best finish.

What are the brands of environmentally friendly paints that you can use in India?

A) Nilaya by Asian Paints, Silk Breathe Easy by Berger Paints, Dulux India, Kansai Nerolac Impressions Eco Clean and Khadi Prakritik Paintare the best eco-friendly paints available in the Indian market.

5)What are the different types of paints available in the market?

A) 1) Flat Finish– also known as the matte finish
       2) Satin Finish – also known as eggshell finish or low-lustre finish
       3) Gloss Finish – also known as semi-gloss 

6)What factors do you take into consideration while purchasing paint?

A)The room lighting, décor and architecture are the three factors to be considered. The utility of the room also has to be taken into consideration. The painting should make the room look sunny, bright and improve the ambience of the room.

7) Are colour changes permitted?

A) In the beginning, we will offer samples of several colours chosen by you on the wall where you can select the best sample which meets your requirements. Changes can be made even later but obviously, the cost will altering the paint will increase the overall cost.

8) How long will the work take?

A) Depending on the season, (during festival season, Diwali etc., many people get their houses painted), our work schedule and the area to be painted in your house, the work can take anywhere from 15 days or above. During the off-season, we can assign more painters to your house.

9) How do I protect my house during the painting?

A) You will have to remove and store away small items. We can help move larger items and store them while the painting is going on. We will also ensure that all surfaces are covered by plastic sheets.

10) How much will the painting disrupt my house?

A) We will keep all disruptions to a minimum. At the end of each day, our painting team will clean all the floors of the rooms where they have been painting. We will store paint and tools in an area offered by you.

11) Can water damage and holes in my walls be repaired?

A) We can clean water damage and ensure we use waterproof chemicals to prevent water damage from occurring in the future. We also have a plasterer in our team who can repair areas of your damaged wall.

12) Can you offer a warranty on your job?

A) I can offer a warranty of one year on my painting job.  

13) What can you tell me about your service?

A) My painting team have long years of service with my company, they have got excellent recommendations and rest assured you will get an excellent service from me and my team.

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