Mahima Group Of Calibration Services in Panipat Haryana

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Calibration is closely related to getting accurate measurements. It is the process of comparing standard measurement to the measurement derived using an instrument. As a result, the instrument’s accuracy is likely to be slightly different from the accuracy of the standards set by organisations.


Mahima Group Of Calibration Services in Panipat Haryana

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Services of Mahima Group Of Calibration Services in Panipat

In other cases, calibration also involves adjusting an instrument as required to meet set standards. Now calibration works differently for varied instruments. So take it another way; calibrating a sensor is completely different from calibrating a thermometer.

Here, we will be having a look at the different services offered by a calibration company in India.

Mahima Group Of Calibration Services in Panipat, Haryana

  1. Electro-Technical RF Calibration

The calibration of electrical instruments involves using precise devices for evaluating the performance of crucial properties of the other devices known as “Unit Under Calibration”. Companies in India are equipped with the experience and tools for calibrating different electrical parameters covering the most basic and working-level instruments. These include voltmeters, ammeters and multifunctional digit millimetres and calibrators.

  1. Flow Calibration

Flow calibration involves a specific system used to calibrate Rotameters, mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and totaliser type meters. Companies that provide such services are also into performing DUT density corrections.

  1. Thermal Calibration

The calibration companies have facilities for calibrating PRT or Platinum Resistance Thermometers and SPRT or Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers through various methods. They also provide calibration of different ovens, sensors, chambers for humidity and temperature parameters and autoclaves.

  1. Mechanical Calibration

Companies will have good potential to offer diverse mechanical calibration solutions covering sub-parameters pressure, dimension, volume & mass, torque and force. The companies in India are also into providing density, vibration, acceleration, speed and acoustics calibration under their mechanical calibration solutions. Such calibration services ensure the optimal performance of organisations’ instruments and equipment every time.

  1. Pressure Calibration

This is the process of comparing the result of a device used to measure pressure with another pressure measurement device or any set pressure measurement standard. For example, the companies use basic pressure standards like piston gauges for calibrating working levels and secondary instruments like deadweight testers, test gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure calibrators.

  1. Textile Calibration

Textile items go through several quality tests before being introduced to the market. It is important to note that calibrating textile equipment can be very difficult. It requires good expertise, and only India’s highly skilled calibration companies can achieve industry specifications. The companies offering such services calibrate machines and tools to help users perform tests confidently.

  1. Medical Equipment Calibration

This is the procedure of configuring the accuracy and measurement of medical systems or devices used in the hospital environment. Calibration of medical devices helps minimise misdiagnosis, which is the result of poorly calibrated devices and machines. Thus, configuring the different systems and devices used in hospitals as per calibration standards is crucial.


Choose the services of a company that is well-equipped with the different devices needed for offering world-class calibration services. In addition, they will ensure their calibration services by maintaining their instrument at the highest levels of accuracy.

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